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Want to learn how to use the RAVnet Online Map system?

Then click here to view the 10 minute RAVnet training video.

What is RAVnet and what information does it provide?

RAVnet is an interactive online map system that displays approved heavy vehicle route networks in South Australia. Restrictions associated with specific route networks are also included. Operators will also have the ability to display state maintained roads. RAVnet will be continually developed to include further information about South Australia that is relevant to transport industries.


Are the route networks in RAVnet up-to-date?

All reasonable endeavours have been made to ensure that the information contained in the RAVnet map system and in the heavy vehicle route networks is as accurate as possible. However, the Government of South Australia accepts no liability for any errors or omissions and gives no warranty or guarantee that the material, information, maps or publications made accessible are accurate, complete, current or fit for any use whatsoever. The information contained within the RAVnet online map system is subject to change without notice.


How do I display state maintained roads?

As from 8th January 2019, RAVnet will have the functionality to display state maintained roads. This functionality will by default by switched off, however operators are able to switch it on by ticking the State Maintained Roads box on the left hand side under the list of published routes.


Do I have to use the RAVnet system to print route maps to carry in the vehicle?

As from 17th June 2011 transport operators/drivers of Restricted Access Vehicles are no longer legally required to carry approved route maps (or Codes of Practice) within the vehicle.
Note: Permits must still be carried in the vehicle.


What if I cannot access the maps because the internet is down?

It is important to determine from where the problem has originated. Before contacting us, you need to first check if you have internet access to other web pages. To do this, simply go to any other legitimate web page and hit F5 on the keyboard. This ensures that you are loading the page from the internet rather than from a copy held locally on your computer.

If you are unable to open other web pages, then the problem lies with your internet access and you will need to contact your system support team or consult with your internet provider directly.

If you are unable to access RAVnet but are able to access other legitimate web pages, then it is likely that the problem lies with the RAVnet system itself. Please send an email to stating the nature of the problem and leaving your contact details.


When I go to print a map, the Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't open and I can't see the map?

Some web browsers will automatically stop the Adobe Acrobat Reader from opening in a separate window. Your browser will have a setting that can be changed so that the reader can be opened. Please refer to your browser help in order to do this.


I don’t know how to use RAVnet. How can I learn?

To help you learn how to use RAVnet, we have provided a short video presentation that describes the RAVnet system and its features. Should you have further questions on how to use the system, please send an email to detailing your support question and providing your contact details.


Where can I get further information?

If you want to know more about RAVnet than is provided on the website, you can send an email to detailing your enquiry. We will respond to you by return email or another preferred method if you provide relevant contact details.


What are my responsibilities as an owner/driver/operator where route maps are concerned?

When operating under a RAV Notice you must immediately prior to any journey and using the current approved route networks published on RAVnet, determine the entire approved route being travelled / operated on during the particular journey.


What are the benefits of RAVnet?

Using RAVnet you are able to easily obtain maps via the internet. Using the zoom and drag features included you are able to view and print maps at the level of detail and covering the area you need. Lists of any restrictions appearing on the route map will be automatically included when you print the map and maps can be printed in colour. Finally, the RAVnet system will continue to be enhanced to include further information that will be useful to transport industry.


What happens if a route I need is not on RAVnet?

Should a route not appear on the approved route networks within RAVnet then you may be able to obtain access either by applying for an access permit from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.