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Other Entry Pathways

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In addition, the department offers the following entry level recruitment programs:

The Department offers apprenticeship opportunities to unqualified people, enabling them to gain a trade qualification in a required skills area. Apprenticeships usually run for three to four years and involve on the job training and one or two days studying at TAFE or another Registered Training Organisation.

The Department provides opportunities for the recruitment of untrained young people. Cadets complete on the job training while studying formal qualifications in areas like human resources. If you are a full-time student, seeking financial support to complete your studies and wish to gain eight weeks vacation employment each year during your studies, a cadetship with the department may be suitable for you.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment
The Department has a range of employment opportunities for Aboriginal people across all disciplines and employment types, including traineeships and cadetships.

The department offers the following pre-recruitment programs:

Work experience
The Office for Recreation and Sport and Racing (ORSR) and South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) accept written applications for work experience up until the end of March each year.

More details on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Work Experience Program

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The Department participates in various scholarships schemes to encourage young people into civil engineering.