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Graduate development program

Graduates on the Graduate Development Program receive support, training and development through:

  • career guidance - graduates are provided with career guidance to ensure they have opportunities for placements in the areas of work in which they are interested and want to develop their skills
  • corporate learning programs - these programs give graduates a good understanding of working in the department and in government in general
  • access to other career/job training opportunities - graduates are encouraged to develop their skills and experiences across the department
  • performance development process - graduates have annual performance development plans that are reviewed halfway through the 12 months.  The plans are developed to ensure they are skilled in their current role and identify learning opportunities in which they are interested
  • rotation placements - 12 month rotations provides graduates with varied learning experiences in a range of different working environments
  • mentors - all graduates have a mentor who helps by setting up learning opportunities and providing professional guidance
  • buddies - graduates are provided with a buddy in their workplace to help them settle quickly into working in the world of the department.