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Current projects

Trial of bicycle lane alternate line markings on Portrush Road, between Magill Road and Greenhill Road, Linden Park

Following community engagement in June 2015, The Department has completed the installation of new bicycle lanes and signage on Portrush Road, between Magill Road, Norwood and Greenhill Road, Linden Park.

The next stage of the project is to proceed with the trial of enhanced, alternate line markings on various sections of Portrush Road to investigate the effectiveness in providing additional safety and separation between vehicles and cyclists.

The trial will focus on the use of modified urban audio tactile line markings which are slightly raised, meaning drivers can hear and feel the change in the road surface, alerting them if they stray into the bicycle lane.

The trial line markings will be installed prior to Christmas 2015.

Your feedback on the trial of the line markings is important and can be made via the following survey

Three locations have been chosen for the audio tactile line marking:

  • Magill Road to Beulah Road section (south bound)
  • Kensington Road to The Parade section (north bound)
  • Kensington Road to Stafford Grove section (south bound).

This project is funded through the Responsive Road Safety Program.

Should you have any questions regarding this project, please email