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Purchasing a special number plate

What is a special number plate?

EzyPlates has a range of number plates to suit your style, personality and budget. These special number plates include:

The general-issue plate is the standard plate allocated to vehicles in South Australia and is not a special number plate.

Can I have a symbol character on my number plate?

No, only letter and number combinations are allowed.

Can I have a space between characters on my number plate?

Yes you can, but only for a custom plate agreement with a maximum of 6 characters or numbers.

When I purchase a new number plate what do I need to do with my old number plate?

Once a plate agreement has been arranged, and you have taken possession of your new plates, you will need to surrender your old plates to a Service SA customer service centre in person or by mail.

When will my new number plates be ready?

Generally your number plates will be ready for collection within 10 working days of you placing your order.

How can I find out if my number plates are ready to collect?

Please call 1300 EZYPLATES to speak with a Service SA customer service centre representative.

Can I pick up my number plates at any time?

Number plates must be allocated to a registered vehicle before they can be collected. When you register your vehicle, we can allocate your number plate.

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Surrendering or cancelling a special number plate

I currently have personalised plates but would like to get custom plates with the same characters. What do I need to do?

You will need to go into a Service SA customer service centre with your personalised plate agreement and have it cancelled. This will make those characters available again and then you will need to purchase a custom plate agreement.

If my vehicle registration has been expired for more than 90 days do I need to surrender my number plates?

No, if you have a number plate agreement then you are exempted from surrendering your plates.

I have purchased a number plate agreement for one year, but would like to go back to having a general issue plate once my agreement expires. Can I have my old general issue plate?

No, a new general issue number will be issued.

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Vehicle registration

Will I receive a new registration certificate when I purchase a new number plate?

Yes, you will receive a new Registration Details Certificate that includes your registration details a shows your new plate number.

I’m buying a vehicle and the dealer is arranging my registration, can they also arrange to allocate my number plate to the new vehicle?

Yes they can. Providing the vehicle is going to be registered in the same name as the number plate agreement. They will need your client / licence number and the number plate details.

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Number plates as gifts

Can I buy a number plate as a gift for someone else?

You can purchase a number plate agreement for someone else, however the application is to be completed with the details of the person the gift is for. You will need their licence number, surname and date of birth. Please note that if you order online, the plate agreement will be posted direct to the recipient's postal address.

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Number plates for your motorcycle

Will my custom or personalised motorcycle number plate be the same size as a general issue motorcycle plate?

No, each motorcycle plate is a different size.  The table below shows the different plate combinations and their size. Please note that the personalised plate must have the State Government roundel included, which is why it is slightly larger than the general issue and custom plates.

Plate shape

Plate size

Plate combination

General issue 7 characters

215mm x 100mm

Rear only

Personalised and 7 digit custom

252mm x 98mm

1-6 digit custom

215mm x 95mm

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Number plate warranty

Does my number plate come with a warranty?

The manufacturer guarantees number plates for 10 years. If you do the right thing and wash your number plates with a soft brush, cloth or sponge using detergent suitable for high quality painted surfaces, and you still experience some deterioration in your number plate quality, you can ask for consideration to be given to replacing your number plates under warranty.

To do this, you will need to remove the affected number plate/s from your vehicle and drop it/them into a Service SA customer service centre. We will send your number plates to the manufacturer and ask them to remake the number plates for you.

We will also give you a receipt to retain in your vehicle while you don't have any number plates displayed, so you may still drive your vehicle.

Please note that the warranty may become void if the plates show deterioration caused by detergent, abrasive cleaner or a high pressure water gun.

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Selling your vehicle

What should I do if I want to sell my car and I have a personalised or custom number plate?

Your custom or personalised number plate agreement includes re-allocation rights. This means you can retain your number plate when you sell or trade-in your car and re-allocate it to your new vehicle. Before you sell or trade-in you need to remove your number plate and allocate a general issue number plate to it. A Service SA customer service centre can do this for you. Fees apply.

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Buying number plates from a third party

I have seen a number plate advertised for sale that I want to purchase, what should I do before I buy?

Always check with Service SA before you buy a number plate from anyone else. Call 1300 EZYPLATES to confirm they are legal to display on a motor vehicle, that the seller has the rights to sell the number plates to you and if there are any additional charges payable to the department.

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History of number plates

What's the history of South Australian number plates?


The first South Australian number plate was issued in South Australia.  The first number plates issued ranged from 1 to 599-999 and are now classed as Numeric.  These number plates are also referred to as 'Historic'.  These were issued until 1966.


Alpha Numeric number plates were introduced.


Personalised number plates were introduced.


Slogan number plates were introduced.


Grand Prix number plates were introduced.


Jubilee Commemorative number plates were introduced.


Name number plates were introduced and offered only at the '1985 Great Plate Auction' at the 1985 'Grand Prix Auction'.


Numeric number plates between 600-000 to 999-999 were released for purchase on request.


Custom number plates were introduced.


Premium number plates were introduced.


Centenary of Federation number plates were introduced.


Sixty numeric number plates were released for public auction.


Seven character general issue plates were introduced.


Euro number plates were introduced.


Black Premium plates were introduced.

All number plates and colours are representations only.

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