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Key AGFMA Documents

The AGFMA Directorate provides a range of guidance material, including Frameworks, Fact Sheets and Guide Notes, to support users of the AGFMA at various levels.


The Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement (MoAA) is an Agreement between the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and Participating Agencies of the AGFMA. The purpose of the MoAA is to establish an agreement with an Agency Chief Executive (or Delegate) that at a strategic level clearly articulates roles and responsibilities of Parties for the effective and efficient delivery of AGFMA and outlines the obligation of Parties with respect to ensuring safe work practices. Participating Agency Representatives should contact their relevant Office of the Chief Executive (or Delegate) should they need to retrieve a copy of their Agency's MoAA.


Strategic Asset Management Framework

The SAMF is intended to be a key guidance tool for Participating Agencies of the AGFMA with responsibility for managing SA Government owned sites, facilities and building assets. Participating Agencies are encouraged to use the SAMF to continuously improve their approach to asset management and to take a ‘whole-of-life’ approach to the ownership of assets under their care and control. The recommended approach includes the development of agency focused Strategic Asset Management Plans and Asset Management Plans, consistent with the international standard for asset management, ISO 55000.

AGFMA WHS Framework

The AGFMA WHS Framework provides high level guidance to Key Participants of the AGFMA (Participating Agencies, the Facilities Management Service Provider, Subcontractors and the Contractor Administrator), to develop and implement Work Health and Safety Management Systems in line with relevant safety standards and legislation; and to provide clarity on the role/s and responsibilities of Key Participants in ensuring the safe delivery of the AGFMA. Put simply, it details the critical steps, actions, and responsibilities Key Participants should be taking to fulfil their legislative safety obligations in relation to the AGFMA.

Fact Sheets (for FMSP, Agencies and Sub-Contractors)

Technical Data Schedules (TDSs)

Technical Data Schedules (TDSs) are intended as a guide only and should be read in conjunction with information provided in the Service Delivery Plan Continuation for 2021-22 Fact Sheet and TDS Conditions of Use Fact Sheet.

Access the full suite of DIT published TDSs using this link - Technical Data Schedules.

WHS Guide Notes

AGFMA Newsletters

2021 - September (Issue #24)

2021 - March (Issue #23)

Please email the AGFMA Team for historic issues of the AGFMA Newsletter.

Archived Transition and Contractor Communications

Important note about hyperlinks in archived communications

Best efforts have been made to ensure that hyperlinks to Fact Sheets in previously issued communications for Agencies and Contractors are active. In instances where you are redirected to an incorrect webpage or receive a 'Page not found (404)' error, please refer to the Fact Sheets provided on this site under 'Key AGFMA Documents - Fact Sheets for FMSP, Agencies and Sub-Contractors'.

Participating Agencies


Frequently Asked Questions – October 2021


Agency Site Representative Survey Responses Report.

Future AGFMA Site Representative Survey Consolidated Responses Report.

Future AGFMA Newsletters