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Participants of the AGFMA

Who are the Key Participants of the AGFMA?

The Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP), Ventia Australia Pty Ltd, who coordinates completion of facilities management works by assigning appropriately skilled and qualified Contractors and in accordance with the agreed Services Contract.

The Participating Agencies and their representatives, who play a role in administering the arrangements and request and approve work.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (the Department), who administers the arrangements in accordance with the agreed Services Contract on behalf of the SA Government.

Key Ventia Contacts

Ventia Help Desk

PH: 1300 903 063 or email

Contact the Help Desk for technical system support or operational issues. Please do not log service requests using the Help Desk email address, please log all service requests via your Panorama App. Visit Ventia's AGFMA site for more information. To access this site, please use the  following password #00VentiaAGFMA* when prompted.

Email Contacts

Online Technical System Support -

Asset Management and Preventative Maintenance enquiries -

Project management and requests -

Finance or Work Order Approvals support -

Subcontractor assistance -

Training support (systems) -


To support efficient and effective operational delivery of the AGFMA, representatives and subject matter experts of the Participating Agency, the Department and Ventia (the FMSP) will participate in forums and committees during the Term of the Facilities Management Contract. Provided below is a description of the key Forums and Committees of the AGFMA.

Strategic Forum

Facilities Management Governance Group

Participating Agency Focus Group Forum

Contract Management

The Department’s Executive Director, Across Government Services, performs the role of Contract Administrator and is the delegated representative for the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, being the Principal of the Facilities Management Services Contract with Ventia Australia Pty Ltd.

The Contract Administrator, with the assistance of the Department's AGFMA Directorate, is responsible for administering the AGFMA on behalf of the South Australian Government. This includes responsibility for development and publication of relevant policies, processes and guidance material.

Service Provision

Ventia Australia Pty Ltd is the Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP) and is engaged by the Contract Administrator to provide facilities management services to Participating Agencies in accordance with its Contractual obligations. Ventia is responsible for efficient and effective delivery of services under the AGFMA and for providing proactive advice, reporting and capturing of information to support a strategic approach to asset management.

Agency Administration

Participating Agencies are those agencies participating in, and who procure facilities management Services under the AGFMA. Participating Agencies and their Agency Representatives play a role in administering the AGFMA through requesting and approving work which supports facilities management and asset management outcomes. For more information regarding Agency participation in the AGFMA, refer to the ‘Agency Participation’ Fact Sheet .

Key AGFMA Directorate Contacts

Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm

AGFMA Team phone: 08 8343 2850

AGFMA Team email: