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Who is involved in a Gateway Review?

Senior Responsible Owner

The Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) is responsible for the delivery of the project deliverables in the current phase..

The Review Team Leader / Review Team

Gateway Review Teams are selected to provide a mix of skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the decision point. The team should possess:

  • Skills and experience relevant to the project and its current phase in the project lifecycle;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the project’s industry sector;
  • Knowledge of government and government processes; and
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Gateway Review process.

The independence of the Review Team from the project is key to delivering objective, high quality reviews and reports. Review Teams generally consist of four people including a mix of private and public sector employees.

Key Stakeholders

Stakeholders include members of the project or program team, governance groups, steering committees, approval agencies and external stakeholders with an interest in the project. Stakeholders are agreed between the SRO and Review Team during the Planning Session. Meetings are confidential and non-attributable, conducted as a discussion and not an “interrogation”. No preparation is expected. The focus of the meeting typically explores project or program deliverables, aims and objectives, schedules, funding, policies, risks and communication.

Gateway Unit

The Gateway Unit is in the Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office (3PMO) within the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. The unit works with the SRO to meet the needs of the project, coordinates the reviews, sources Review Teams and provides a conduit between the project and the Review Team during the course of the Review.