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Project update: May 2019

With the Darlington Upgrade Project due for completion late this year, the first few months of the year have been extremely busy as we move into the final stages of construction.

Excavation of the lowered motorway is now 90% complete, with approximately 774,000 cubic metres of soil removed to date. The lowered motorway is a vital element of the project as it will allow motorists to bypass five sets of traffic signals, including one of the state’s busiest intersections at Main South Road and Sturt Road.

A quarter of the lowered motorway wall panels have been installed and the Tonsley Boulevard Bridge is more than 70% complete, with 1900 cubic metres of concrete poured, 1050 tonnes of steel fixed and the majority of concrete deck pours complete.

In the coming months, we will see some major traffic switches occur, with traffic progressively moved into the lowered motorway and onto the second new Main South Road Bridge and the Ayliffes Road Bridge.

Following these switches, final construction of the Main South Road surface roads and landscaping can occur.

Tonsley Boulevard bridgeFlinders Drive bridge