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Sturt River Bridge - June 2018

The Sturt River bridge, one of eight bridges being constructed as part of the Darlington Upgrade Project, is now complete.

The arched structure will soon carry northbound vehicles on Main South Road over the Sturt River and connect to the two new Main South Road bridges over the Southern Expressway.

The Sturt River is a very important feature of the local area and the project team placed a lot of importance on ensuring that any impacts to the waterway were minimised during construction. In addition to establishing protection zones around major construction activities, the use of water quality monitors was implemented to check for any changes in water quality, regular inspections of the river and surrounding area after every rainfall event to ensure the implementation of control measures were effective at all times.

The project team also worked closely with the Friends of Warriparinga throughout bridge construction works to ensure that all activities were clearly communicated in advance, and arranged for the removal of woody weeds by Greening Australia.

Successful construction of this key element of the Darlington Project is another example of working closely with our key stakeholders to achieve a great outcome.