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The "Big Dig"

A massive 860 000 m3 of soil will be excavated from the centre of Main South Road and South Road to create the lowered motorway for the project.

This equates to 50 000 truckloads and is enough to fill 344 Olympic size swimming pools!

If you have driven through the site in the past couple of months you would have noticed that excavation has begun for bridges at Flinders Drive, Sturt Road and Mimosa Terrace/Sutton Road and the lowered motorway.

Excavation will reach a depth of eight metres, which requires works to be done in several stages so the sides of the lowered motorway can be stabilised. It is expected to be completed in 2019.

Sturt Road/Main South Road intersection looking southFlinders Drive bridge works looking southExcavation of the lowered motorway on Main South Road