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Findon Road Painted Median Scheme

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) has improved safety for all road users along Findon Road and Rowells Road by installing a painted median scheme. The project has provided safer crossing points for pedestrians, separate traffic, provided sheltered right turn lanes into side roads and reduced the risk of rear end collisions.

Works along Findon and Rowells roads, between Crittenden Road and Henley Beach Road included:

  • Installation of a painted median scheme, including right turn storage lanes
  • Installation of a pedestrian refuge between Rawlings Avenue and Keele Place
  • Installation of part-time and full-time bike lanes and some lighting upgrades

Parking times along Findon Road and Rowells Road have changed and some parking restrictions apply.

Note that in relation to painted islands, road users may drive on or over a single continuous line surrounding a painted island for up to 50 metres:

  • to allow the required room to safely overtake people riding bicycles
  • to enter or leave a road
  • to enter a turning lane that begins at the end of the painted island
  • to park in angle parking on the opposite side of the road.

However, you must give way to any vehicle that is in the turning lane or entering the turning lane from the marked lane or line of traffic immediately to the left of the turning lane.

For more information about painted medians click here.

This $260 000 project is funded by the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program.

Contact the project team at or phone 1300 794 880 if you have any further questions about this project.