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Fullarton Road Upgrade – Magill Road to Beulah Road

Image of Fullarton Road Upgrade with Magill Road to Beulah Road

Fullarton Road Upgrade Complete

Safety and efficiency has been improved for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians with the completion of the Fullarton Road upgrade, from Magill Road to Beulah Road.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) has completed improvements to Fullarton Road, between Magill Road and Beulah Road, Kent Town.

DIT worked closely with the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, local businesses and residents on the improvements which consisted of:

  • new 24 hour bicycle lanes on both sides of Fullarton Road with designated bicycle crossing points
  • removal of the right turn from Beulah Road into Fullarton Road and installation of a cyclist/pedestrian refuge on Fullarton Road at this location, to provide safer crossing between Beulah Road and Rundle Street
  • resurfacing of Fullarton Road.

These improvements complemented earlier works which included:

  • widening of Fullarton Road on the western side (within the existing road reserve area) and formalising two lanes of traffic
  • changes to  traffic signal sequencing at the Fullarton Road, Payneham Road, Magill Road and North Terrace intersection, as well as increasing the length of the right turn lane from Fullarton Road into Magill Road and Payneham Road
  • installation of cyclist/pedestrian refuges on Fullarton Road at the King William Street junction and Grenfell Street junction.

Project Cost:

This project was funded by the State Government's Transport Systems Responsiveness Program. The cost of the Fullarton Rd upgrade (phase 1 and phase 2) was approximately $2.4 million and included placing power lines underground and road resurfacing.