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Marion Road Planning Study

The Marion Road Planning Study is being undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and it is an initiative that is fully funded by the Australian Government.

The study will identify and assess options to improve road safety and the flow of traffic along Marion Road between Anzac Highway and Cross Road. This incorporates the Anzac Highway and Cross Road intersections, and the Glenelg Tramway corridor level crossings at Marion Road and Cross Road.

Items to be investigated include:

  • Road capacity of Marion Road during peak periods
  • Safety at the two intersections (Marion Road/Cross Road and Marion Road/Anzac Highway)
  • Connectivity within the local area, including walking and cycling
  • Integration with potential future developments and good urban design

This is only a planning study. There is no funding commitment for implementation at this time. Further community and stakeholder engagement, beyond the planning study, would be conducted if the study outcomes receive funding commitments for design and construction.

The broad area of the study may be viewed in the map below.

Marion Road Planning Study map

This stage of the Marion Road Planning Study consultation is now completed.