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Railcar Depot Relocation

Dry Creek Railcar Depot

The Dry Creek Railcar Depot began operation on February 6 2011.  All railcar service, maintenance, cleaning and refuelling now occurs at the facility along with the stabling of the majority of the fleet.  The 10 hectare site is bounded by the Adelaide to Gawler main line to the northwest.

The depot at Dry Creek includes a state of the art railcar maintenance building with five individual tracks (including individual tracks with pit and overhead access, plus a train lift capable of lifting a full three railcar set), cleaning facilities (including an automatic train wash, underfloor and roof cleaning facility and purpose built platform or regular internal cleaning), a purpose designed operations facility and stabling sidings for up to 70 railcars.

Project time frame

March 2009 - February 2011

Project cost

$157 million