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Convention Centre Aerial

Construction of the Adelaide Convention Centre Redevelopment will require traffic and pedestrian impacts in and around the Riverbank Entertainment Precinct.  This website will provide the latest information regarding these restrictions and impacts.

Media Releases

Project status

The redevelopment program will be delivered in two stages.

The first stage is now complete and officially opened by the Premier on 13 March 2015. The new building has expanded the facility westwards over the railway lines to link with Montefiore Bridge.

Stage Two of the redevelopment will replace the existing Plenary Building with a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art facility with plenary capacity of up to 3,500 seats, and is scheduled for completion in 2017.

To facilitate the Stage 2 works, the site perimeter hoardings and pedestrian/vehicle movements around the site changed in January 2015.

The below information outlines how the Precinct is operating as construction progresses including changes to pedestrian and vehicle movements.

Adelaide Railway Station

Construction work will take place within the Adelaide Railway Station from 22 May 2015 to early 2016.

There will be a number of work zones established progressively during this period.

Please click on the Work Zone links in the table below for the platform changes occurring. [NOTE:  The arrow indicates direction of safe passenger movements.]

For train customers, this means:

  • your train may arrive at and depart from a different platform than usual
  • you may have to walk a longer distance between your train and the turnstiles
  • you may experience short travel delays, particularly on the Gawler and Outer Harbor lines
  • you may have to use special walkways to move around the works
  • the bicycle rack at the top of platforms 8 & 9 will be temporarily removed
  • no services will be cancelled or timetables changed during these platform changes.

Further information is available at Adelaide Metro

Please respect the temporary barriers around the platforms, which are there to protect you during construction.

Thank you for your patience during these essential platform changes.

Adelaide Railway Station Changes Timing
Work Zone 1 Track 9 fully closed - no impact on adjacent platforms 22 May 2015 to mid June 2015
Work Zone 2 & 3 (concurrent) Tracks 8 & 9 - partial closure 25 June 2015 to September 2015
Work Zone 4 Tracks 7 & 8 - partial closure TBC
Work Zone 5 Tracks 6 & 7 - partial closure TBC
Work Zone 6 Tracks 5 & 6 - partial closure TBC

Morphett Street Bridge

The kerbside lane of Morphett Street Bridge city-bound has been closed to motorists to facilitate access for Stage 2 works.

The hoardings have now been removed to reveal not just the new building to its full extent, but a new “Montefiore Boulevard” linking pedestrians from North Terrace to the Riverbank Precinct.

A portion of Morphett Street Bridge city bound will remain closed until the end of 2016 to facilitate construction access for Stage 2 – see below.

Morphett Street Bridge

Riverside car park entrance closure

The eastern entrance to the Convention Centre's Riverside car park will be closed (see map below).

This is to facilitate works occurring for the new Stage 2 building.

Other entrances to the car park remain accessible.

ACC Car Parking

Crane pad works – Riverbank lawn (adjacent river)

A crane pad and associated works compound has been setup in the grassed area between the Convention Centre and Linear Park path (see map below).

Four months of civil works was required to prepare the area, and a 200 tonne crane is expected to be in operation in July 2015.

The crane will be in this location until approximately the end of 2016.

Crane Pad Works

Pedestrian movements during Stage 2

Hoardings and pedestrian movements through the plaza area include:

  • the “red desert” area between the Convention Centre and Riverside Building is closed off to pedestrians.
  • construction vehicles will be frequently entering / exiting up the ramp from North Terrace.
  • Lend Lease will have a traffic controller who manages pedestrian and construction vehicles across the North Terrace footpath in this vicinity during construction hours.
  • The Riverside Promenade will be closed from both the eastern and western end from 6am – 7pm Monday to Fridays (subject to change).

The map below shows the new hoarding lines and pedestrian movements.

Pedestrian Movements
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