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Torrens Road to River Torrens Project

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Project overview

The Torrens Road to River Torrens Project delivered a 4km non-stop roadway (incorporating 3 km lowered motorway), between Ashwin Parade, Torrensville, and Pym Street, Croydon Park, providing significant travel time saving to commuters and freight.

In 2017, the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project identified project savings of $95 million, resulting in a revised project cost of $801 million. The project has been able to deliver these savings due to a collaborative alliance contract, and also by driving a value for money approach during the design and construction phases of the project by working closely with utility service providers and promoting innovation.

The T2T Project is being jointly funded by The Australian and South Australian Governments, both committing $383.5 million towards the project for a total project cost of $767 million.

The lowered motorway opened to traffic on Saturday September 29 2018.

The project includes:

  • A 4 kilometre non-stop section of roadway (incorporating the lowered road section) between Pym Street, Croydon Park, and Ashwin Parade, Torrensville
  • A 3 kilometre section of lowered non-stop motorway from Pym Street, Croydon Park to Gawler Avenue, West Hindmarsh
  • Parallel surface (at-grade) roads along the length of the lowered motorway to connect most local roads and arterial roads to South Road
  • An overpass of the Outer Harbor railway line
  • Intersection upgrades at Pym Street, Torrens Road, Hawker Street, Port Road and Grange Road.
  • Improved cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • Landscaping and noise barriers (where required).

The lowered non-stop motorway provides three lanes in each direction, up to 8 metres below the existing surface of South Road. This design has taken into consideration the future transport needs of Adelaide and allows for connection to other parts of the non-stop North-South Corridor when the adjoining sections of South Road are upgraded in the future.

Upgrade to arterial roads provide alternative routes during major road works on the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport upgraded a number of arterial roads west of the City to ease congestion during the Torrens Road  to River Torrens Project.

To view the upgrades for James Congdon Drive, Richmond click here and Park Terrace, Fitzroy click here

Scope Extension

On, Saturday 12 December 2015, the South Australian and Australian Governments announced the extension of the existing Torrens Road to Torrens River Project to include the section of South Road between Pym Street and Torrens Road in Croydon Park.

The extension results in the grade separation of South Road and Torrens Road and extend the lowered motorway by approximately one kilometre. All works were completed within the current approved $801 million budget and completed within the original time frame.

The design includes:

  • An extension of the lowered motorway beneath Torrens Road returning to grade near Pym Street
  • Improved signalised intersection at Pym Street
  • Parallel surface roads each side of the lowered motorway to provide access to the surrounding community and local businesses
  • Improved cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • Landscaping and noise barriers (where required)

Safety and travel efficiency has been significantly improved with the extension of the lowered motorway beneath the Torrens Road intersection.

To view the design for the scope extension please click here.

Click here to view the concept design for the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project.

Project Assessment Report: Supplement

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) released the concept design, for the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project on 1 July 2014 as part of the Project Assessment Report (PAR).

The PAR was open for public submissions for a six week period following the release of the report and was subject to feedback from the community.

A large number of Submissions were received and have been considered by the project team.  An overview of the issues raised and any subsequent changes to the project will be addressed in the Project Assessment Report: Supplement can be viewed here.

For more information on the project construction phase please:

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