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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project?

Separating the rail line from the road (grade separation) at the Torrens Road level crossing will:

  • Improve safety for all road users (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians).
  • Cut travel times for motorists.
  • Increase freight productivity.
  • Improve reliability for buses on Torrens Road.
  • Improve walkability by creation of new community open space.

How much will the project cost?

The total budget for the Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project is $196million.

What stage is the project at?

The project has progressed into the next stage of procurement known as the ‘Alliance Development Phase’ which involves 12 weeks of detailed design and early service works.

The project will be delivered under an Alliance, meaning the Department and the successful contractor will form a partnership as an integrated team for the life of the project, rather than the traditional model of a contractor under the supervision of the Department.

The award of the Alliance Contract is expected to be in late 2020.

What community engagement has been undertaken to date?

As part of the planning study, community and stakeholder engagement was undertaken with property owners, businesses and residents to help inform the preferred concept and design.

A range of communication and engagement activities have been utilised including letterbox drop, distribution of posters and flyers, registration of interest, online survey, emails and phone calls, and targeted residential and business engagement. A series of five listening posts / on-site engagement were conducted at Charles Cane Club House, Churchill Centre as well as Ovingham Station in late 2019. Over 150 people attended from the immediate and surrounding suburbs to speak with the project team.

The Online Engagement Hub was also launched for the community to access project information and submit questions and feedback to the project team.

When will construction commence?

Early works are expected to commence later this year with major construction to start in mid-2021 and project completion anticipated in 2023.

Will any property be purchased as part of the project?

A single property that was recently up for sale was purchased for the project, and will be utilised for site offices. There are no additional properties required to be purchased as part of the Ovingham Level Crossing Grade Separation project.

How will traffic be planned during construction?

The construction program will be carefully staged to cause minimum traffic impacts. It’s likely there will be some traffic impacts and these will be better understood once the Alliance contract is awarded and a construction plan is developed.

When there are temporary impacts to traffic, pedestrians and cyclists, clear signage will be in place to safely guide users. Early notification of possible impacts will also be communicated to road users and pedestrians.

How will noise be managed during construction?

Construction noise cannot be eliminated altogether, however works can be managed to minimise disturbance to nearby properties.

A number of measures will be used to minimise the impacts of noise on adjacent residents and stakeholders, including:
*Using low noise reversing ‘squawkers’ instead of traditional beepers.
*Seeking opportunities to reduce the number of vehicle movements, particularly close to private properties.
*Regularly testing equipment to ensure it is operating to a high standard.

Will there be any impacts to passenger rail services?

During construction there will be some occasions when a temporary closure of the Gawler Rail Line is required. When this occurs, substitute buses will be in place and will replicate the level of service and frequency of train services as closely as possible.

Will Ovingham Railway Station be upgraded as part of this project?

Upgrading Ovingham Railway Station is not included as part of this project.
What will be located in the community open space area? The Department will be engaging with the local community and councils to seek feedback and suggestions on preferred options for this area.