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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Department changing the Tapleys Hill Road to Grand Junction Rd section to two lanes?

Following feedback received from the community and the Port Adelaide Enfield Council, the Department reviewed the traffic volumes and future traffic growth projections along this section of Port Road. Following this review it was identified that this section of Port Road will operate with sufficient capacity for a number of years following the installation of the proposed line marking/lane configuration changes.

What is the benefit of the changes?

Changing the kerbside lanes on Port Road to full time parking and bicycle lane, in addition to the  two traffic lanes at this location, will allow for a majority of continuous full time bicycle lane facility and parking on Port Road from Old Port Road to the Port Adelaide town centre.  The Old Port Road to Tapleys Hill Road section was reconfigured some years ago, again due to lower traffic volumes.

Why are there 3 lanes maintained in some parts of Port Road?

Three lanes have been kept in the lead in to and at the traffic lights to maintain traffic capacity at the existing traffic signals.

Why hasn’t the Department made changes to other parts of Port Road?

The Department has also reviewed other sections of Port Road and found that peak hourly flows were lower in the section north of Tapleys Hill Road compared to those east of Old Port Road.

Peak hourly volumes north of Tapleys Hill Road are approximately 1100-1400 per hour compared to 1500-1600 per hour in the peak directions and increasing to 1600-2000+ per hour as you get closer to the city. Therefore, changes at other location along Port Road are not possible.

When will the new line marking be installed?

Line marking works will commence in mid-October 2021 and be complete in November, weather permitting.

What happens when traffic volumes increase?

Although not expected for a number of years (if at all), if or when traffic volumes increase along this section of Port Road to an unacceptable level the existing lane arrangements with 3 lanes and peak hour bike lanes (7-10am and 3-7pm) will need to be reinstated. Council (Port Adelaide Enfield) as the authority for the provision of parking will need to plan for this future occurrence should it be needed.