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Frequently Asked Questions

Old Belair and James Road T-Junction

The South Australian Government is delivering on its commitment to put the Old Belair and James Road junction project on hold and refer it to Infrastructure SA (ISA) for review. This will ensure the best approach to address traffic and access issues in the Mitcham Hills area is achieved.

ISA is an independent advisory body established to provide advice to government to enable informed and evidence-based decisions on infrastructure planning, investment, delivery and optimisation.

Russell Street / Main Road / Sheoak Road Junctions

How does the proposed concept design improve safety for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists?

Improved safety for all road users is a key aspect of the preferred design with:

  • a new signalised pedestrian crossing for Russell Street;
  • new traffic signals at Main Road and Russell Street to control all right turn movements, which have been the main crash type at this junction;
  • increased sheltered lane storage for right turn movements from Russell Street into Sheoak Road;
  • the removal of right turn movements (emergency vehicles exempt) from Sheoak Road to Old Belair Road (as an alternative, road users will be able to access Old Belair Road to travel north via James Road and the new roundabout at the Old Belair Road / James Road junction);
  • the widening of Main Road near Gloucester Avenue and Sheoak Road to enable traffic to move out of the through lane for turn movements;
  • the construction of a protected right turn lane on Old Belair Road for right turns onto James Road.

How is the proposed concept design “future proofed” for population growth in the area?

The preferred design can accommodate future traffic increases resulting from population growth in the following ways:

  • the extension of the right turn lane into Sheoak Road provides increased vehicle storage;

the widening of Main Road and the installation of an additional right turn lane into Russell Street, combined with the provision of Bus Only right turn into Main Road manages overall traffic efficiency and queues.

Does the proposed concept design improved travel times?

Motorists might experience small increases in travel times as a result of the increased safety at this location.

What happens next?

Project design work will continue in the coming months with feedback from the community used to inform the final upgrade designs.