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South Eastern Freeway Heavy Vehicle Safety Review

The South Australian Government has committed to undertaking a comprehensive review of heavy vehicle safety on the South Eastern Freeway down-track (the city-bound lanes) between Crafers and the intersection of Cross Road, Portrush Road and Glen Osmond Road.

The safety measures currently in place on the South Eastern Freeway include increased signage, reduced speeds for heavy vehicles making the descent and covering the costs of towing heavy vehicles from safety ramps.

The review will further explore:

  • potential infrastructure improvements as well as ways to better use existing infrastructure and systems such as safety ramps, signage and safety cameras
  • how technology can be used to improve safety
  • improving compliance and heavy vehicle driver competencies, including legislation, driver and industry training, education and communication with industry and communities
  • measures that other states have implemented to manage steep descents.

The department also continues to work with other state governments to improve and streamline heavy vehicle training, competency frameworks and licensing systems across Australia.

The review is open to all ideas and all potential solutions that could address the causes of such incidents.

We want to investigate those solutions, prioritise and move to implement effective and appropriate measures.

Community Engagement

On Wednesday 24 August 2022, the Department facilitated an industry roundtable discussion as part of the review into improving the safety and operation of the South Eastern Freeway. The roundtable was hosted by Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

The roundtable brought together a range of organisations to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of industry experts and key stakeholders.

Community feedback is sought from anyone who uses the freeway descent in relation to issues such as infrastructure, use of technology, driver behaviour and education, speed limits, and traffic management signage and cameras.

The survey was open for a two week period between 18 September 2022 to 02 October 2022, and has now concluded.

The department is in the process of analysing the feedback received.

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