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Road Corridor Planning Studies

A key feature of the Department's $10 million Transport Network Planning Studies Program, are the Road Corridor Planning Studies being undertaken along six of Adelaide's key road corridors – Payneham Road, Portrush Road, Unley Road, Cross Road, Brighton Road and Main North Road.

A Road Corridor Planning Study looks at:

  • How people live, work, visit and travel along the road corridor;
  • Current challenges with how the road corridor functions; and
  • Potential opportunities to improve the road corridor for all users.

Central to each study is the understanding that roads are not about just about the movement of people and goods, but are also places where people live, work, and visit.

Consideration is given to the current and future needs of a road corridor based on anticipated changes to population and activity in and along the road corridor.  A range of indicators are examined including road safety, travel times, public transport, walking and cycling, land use, heritage, environment and place experience.

At this stage funding is for the planning studies only. The studies will inform the development of a ‘pipeline’ of integrated, evidenced-based potential projects should funding become available.

Community Engagement

Between 19 July and 9 August 2021 the department sought input from the community regarding key issues relating to each of the six road corridors. People were invited to “pin” their comments and suggestions to road corridor maps using the Social Pinpoint engagement platform.

A big thank you to everyone who participated. Over 1,000 comments were received and are now being reviewed by the transport planning team. Community and stakeholder feedback enables the planning team to better understand local issues, risks and opportunities, and can help influence future transport infrastructure projects.

For further information on the Road Corridor Planning Studies, or to speak with a member of the team, please email

-Photo Credit David Bills