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The Valuer-General delivers statutory valuations for properties in South Australia in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1971.  The role of the Valuer-General is to deliver accurate and consistent property values.  The Valuer-General delivers annual general valuations for both site and capital values for the State for the purpose of rating and taxing as outlined under  'Rating Use of Valuations'.

The Valuer-General also undertakes valuations of a more specialist nature to provide advice to government departments and statutory authorities on insurance, financial, disposal and acquisition matters.

Your notice of valuation appears on your statutory authority notices which are Local Government, SA Water and Revenue SA. If a property owner is dissatisfied with their valuation, they have the right to object to the valuation.

The Valuation of Land Act 1971 also provides opportunities for a property owner to have the Valuer-General's objection decision reviewed. This includes a review by a Independent Valuer and a review by South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT).

Following the commercialisation of Land Services Group in October 2017, the new service provider undertakes a number of valuation services on behalf of the Valuer-General on a contractual basis.

Capital values are used to determine:

  • Most council rates
  • Emergency Services Levy; and
  • Water and sewerage rates

Site values are used for:

  • Some regional council rates; and
  • Land tax

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