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Hybrid+ solution to provide boost for business

17 August 2021

Hon Corey Wingard MP

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Wednesday 25 November 2020


North-South Corridor hybrid+ solution to provide boost for business

The Marshall Liberal Government’s once-in-a-generation infrastructure project – the final section of the North-South Corridor – is set to save commercial freight operators approximately $8.80 per trip along the 10.5km stretch.

The Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project is creating thousands of jobs, it’s slashing travel time and connecting the north and the south of our state with a 78km non-stop motorway.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Corey Wingard, said the project will also provide efficient access to and from key freight areas; delivering South Australian products to market faster.

“The hybrid+ design will not only benefit commuters, it will also have wide-reaching economic benefits for freight and commercial vehicles,” Minister Wingard said.

“When this section is complete, motorists will be able to travel from the River Torrens to Darlington in around 8 minutes, bypassing 21 sets of traffic lights and saving up to 24 minutes in travel time per trip.

“The fuel used and the costs incurred by freight operators when they are stuck in traffic or stopping and starting at traffic lights can be substantial but this project will deliver a faster, smoother and non-stop journey.

“Lower vehicle operating costs for commercial and freight operators every time they use the corridor will be a welcome boost to businesses.

“This project will also provide more efficient links between key industry and freight routes of the National Land Transport Network, the Port of Adelaide, Adelaide Airport, the city’s manufacturing and industrial precincts, and the northern and southern regions of South Australia.

“The Southern Tunnel in particular will provide significant network benefits through the removal of the Edwardstown bottleneck on South Road and improved access to the CBD from the south of Adelaide.

“The Marshall Government is committed to building what matters to South Australians whilst also supporting local businesses and industry and creating jobs.”

The River Torrens to Darlington stretch will be transformed over the next decade with a combination of tunnelling and at-surface infrastructure to unlock Adelaide’s traffic network and create up to 4,000 jobs.

The completion of T2D will deliver a 78km non-stop, free-flowing motorway that seamlessly links Gawler, to the north of the city, with Old Noarlunga in the south.