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Anzac elevated ramp

24 October 2021

Providing easy, safe and direct access from the North-South Corridor to the Adelaide CBD, and other key destinations such as Adelaide Airport and Port Adelaide, is a vital objective for the T2D Project.

The area where South Road intersects with Anzac Highway is one of the most crucial elements of the project and a number of complex traffic connections and vital traffic movements need to occur around this location. These include entry into and exit from the northern portal of the Southern Tunnels, and facilitating access to and from key destinations such as the CDB, Glenelg, Adelaide Airport and Cross Road.

We have released detailed plans for this area, including an elevated ramp that will take motorists travelling from the south towards the Adelaide CBD directly from the T2D motorway to Anzac Highway without stopping at traffic lights.

The elevated ramp will be constructed over the interchange between South Road and Anzac Highway, and will make it easier, safer and quicker to travel to the city.

The design prioritises safety at this location, with vehicles able to travel onto Anzac Highway using a new dedicated lane, without needing to merge immediately. Facilitating this vital traffic movement with an elevated ramp also means that the risk of traffic banking up into the motorway and tunnels is reduced.

A pedestrian-cyclist overpass to maintain east-west connectivity, particularly for people accessing the Black Forest Primary School and shopping centre, is also included in the plans released today, along with a dedicated school drop-off and pick-up area.

The T2D motorway is designed to solve congestion issues and cater for predicted future traffic growth, improving north to south movement on our road network and also improving connectivity across the corridor and into the CBD.

Construction of the Southern Tunnels is expected to start in late 2023, with the entire 10.5km project to be completed – subject to planning, approvals and funding - in 2030.

Anzac elevated ramp artist impression

New Anzac elevated ramp artist impression

Southern Tunnel Northern Portal map

Southern Tunnels Northern Portal map