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Reference Groups

As part of the T2D Project, Reference Groups have been established to provide a forum as an opportunity for residents, community interest groups, businesses and individuals to provide input into various aspects of the project during the planning and design phase.

Following the completion of the expression of interest process, all reference group applicants have now been advised.

There are Four Reference Groups for the T2D project:

Southern Tunnel

  • Community Reference Group
  • Business Reference Group

Tunnel Connector and Northern Tunnel

  • Community Reference Group
  • Business Reference Group


Community Reference Groups

The two Community Reference Groups will provide valuable insight into the community as the Reference Design progresses.

The group will also help identify potential City Shaping priorities, ideas and strategies to improve the general amenity and functionality of public spaces and identify issues of interest to the community that need to be addressed during the planning and design phase.

Business Reference Groups

The two Business Reference Groups will focus on matters specific to local access, commercial land use and daily operations.

This group will provide valuable insight into local business priorities and help develop strategies for the City Shaping Program.


The overarching goals of the Reference Groups are to:

  • Create an opportunity for discussion and exchange of information on the project.
  • Assist the project team to identify local issues or concerns, and where possible solutions to these issues and concerns.
  • Provide a broad representation of local community interests and views, as opposed to individual interests, that will assist to shape the project.
  • Act as a two-way communication link between the project team and the community and disseminate accurate information via existing community networks.


The Expression of Interest closed on 22 January 2021 and the T2D Project team received significant interest, with a large number of applications received.

The applications were shortlisted against the selection criteria to ensure a broad representation that covers all stakeholder groups.

The representatives cover:

  • Local residents living close to or along South Road.
  • Local community, sporting or not-for-profit group operating within the area.
  • Community with an interest in and knowledge of environmental, community development, community services, cultural, urban realm or other relevant area.
  • Business owners/operators.
  • Commercial landowners.
  • Not-for-profit business and traders groups operating in the area.