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Current Works & Notifications

Early Works

The early works program is underway on the T2D Project. This work includes utility service relocations, ground investigations, and surveying.

For information relating to the location and timing of any works in your area please click on the image below and view the interactive map.

We will notify nearby local residents and businesses in advance of any activities that are planned for their area and will work to keep disruption to a minimum.

Detours, signage and traffic controllers will be in place to manage traffic flow and ensure motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are able to safely navigate around our work areas.

GI Interactive Map

Service Relocations

The project has commenced relocating utility services like power, water, gas, wastewater and telecommunications to enable the construction of the T2D Project.

Service relocation works have begun at the southern end of the project with new utility services having been installed in side streets to allow for the existing utility services in South Road to be decommissioned. These works will help clear the way for T2D’s Southern Tunnel launch site and construction laydown area.

Ground Investigations

In August 2020, we started a Ground Investigation program, which involves using drill rigs to drill boreholes into the ground to collect soil and water samples so we can test local geotechnical and hydrogeological ground conditions, and for any potential contamination, in areas close to South Road.

We have completed Phase One and Phase Two ground investigations, which have included;

  • boring approximately 400 holes to various depths to understand the geology, contamination and hydrogeological conditions;
  • completing over 9 km of drilling; and
  • conducting about 10,000 tests.

Our program will continue in 2022, as we start the Phase 3 Ground Investigation program, which will focus primarily on the corridor north of Anzac Highway.

Drill locations have been carefully selected to minimise impacts to road users, businesses and residences as much as possible while ensuring we gather this crucial data. In some cases, however, unavoidable short-term road closures are required.

The selected locations do not necessarily correspond to areas that will be impacted by the project in the final design.

The information from these investigations will help refine and inform the final project design and determine the exact locations of the tunnels.


Our engineering survey teams will at times be on ground along the corridor.

The survey teams are collecting information on kerbs, footpaths, underground and overhead services and any other relevant features within the existing road corridor. The information collected via the use of surveying personnel and electronic equipment, will aid in the development of the project design.

In some instances as part of the surveying works, you may notice different symbols painted onto the footpaths and roadways. These markings are assisting us to locate assets in the ground.

There should be no impact to residences or businesses whilst undertaking these works and the extent of the survey works and/or markings on the ground do not necessarily correspond to areas impacted by the project in the final design.

April - June 2022 Notifications

January - March 2022 Notifications

Other Works

For information about other ongoing roadworks and traffic disruptions, please visit the Traffic SA website at