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Keeping the point-to-point community COVID SAfe

Vaccination requirements

Vaccination requirements for the point to point industry have now changed.

The emergency declaration issued on 10 December 2021, which required passenger transport workers to be vaccinated, has been revoked.

A copy of the current Emergency Management (Education and Early Childhood Settings and Passenger Transport Vaccination) (COVID-19) (Revocation) Direction 2022 which came into effect on 31 March 2022 can be accessed here: Passenger transport vaccination | SA.GOV.AU: COVID-19

COVID SAfe health and safety tips

Physical distancing

Where possible, drivers should try and achieve 1.5 meters physical distancing. However, in a taxi or rideshare full of passengers, this is difficult to achieve.  In this instance, drivers would not be fined or prosecuted for breaching this rule.

Hygiene and face masks


Masks must be worn on all passenger transport services by passengers and drivers. While the Major Emergency Declaration has ended, mandatory mask rules are continuing for passenger transport services, including:

  • taxis
  • rideshare
  • trains
  • trams
  • buses
  • chauffeur
  • other hire or charter vehicle arrangements.

SA Health takes an educational approach to COVID-19 compliance and recommends implementing signage to encourage mask use.

Drivers may refuse a trip if a passenger(s) enters a passenger transport service without a mask and they do not have a medical exemption or another acceptable reason to not wear a mask. It is recommended that drivers discuss mask wearing requirements with their passenger(s) before the fare starts.

SA Health's Emergency Officers will continue to regularly monitor compliance in the community.

Please click here to view SA Health's fact sheet on mandatory mask use for passenger transport services.

For more information from SA Health click here.

Other COVID safe practices include:

  • wiping  high touch surfaces regularly.
  • keeping a window slightly open for fresh air circulation.
  • encouraging passengers to sit in the rear of the vehicle.
  • getting a RAT test or PCR test immediately of they have COVID symptoms.

QR Codes

From 12 March 2022, operators in the point to point industry (taxi, rideshare and chauffeur) are no longer required to make sure vehicles have a COVID Safe Check-In QR Code available.

COVID SAfe health and safety tips

Learn more about how you can help keep the point-to-point community safe.

COVID-Safe health and safety tips

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