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COVID SAFE PROTOCOLS for prequalified Contractors

The Department has developed a Covid-19 Framework for construction projects which requires all Contractors to implement the following if the project is deemed essential and approved by the Department to proceed:

  • Only essential workers to be permitted on Site (e.g. communications officers would not be deemed essential).
  • Undertake a risk assessment of work activities to identify those critical to essential operations (e.g. those that will prevent loss or damage to the project).
  • Do all that is reasonably practicable to keep workers at least 1.5 metres apart (e.g. designated work areas, marked walkways).
  • Workers to wear a mask.
  • Implementation of an alternating roster (e.g. red team/blue team) and staggering meal times and breaks.
  • Provision of hand sanitiser at strategic locations across site and cleaning materials for desks, meeting rooms and vehicles, and any other location as identified.
  • Increased cleaning of shared spaces, washroom facilities, site offices, vehicles, machinery and tools.
  • Use of other methods of communication wherever possible (e.g. conducting meetings online, using a mobile phone or radio to communicate).
  • Key messaging and education through prominently placed signage and posters.
  • Ensure screening of workers before commencing on site (e.g. temperature checks).
  • Displaying QR Codes and implementing a paper based recording system for contact tracing.
  • Implementation of protocols for self-isolation and testing (e.g. where workers are unwell or have been exposed to a known COVID-19 case).
  • Promoting SA Health messaging (e.g. staying at home when sick).
  • Implementation of a plan for addressing positive COVID-19 tests (e.g. full or partial site closure).
  • Contactless methods for deliveries.
  • Minimising the number of people in vehicles.
  • Nominate COVID-19 Marshalls where required.
  • Comply with WHS Law at all times.
  • Directing Site based staff to only travel directly between home and the designated Site (and vice versa) and ensuring that staff do not move between Sites.
  • Any other reasonable measures as directed.

Contractors must also take all reasonable steps to:

  • Identify any critical interstate resources and submit applications (e.g. SAPOL Cross Border Traveller Application) for these resources to be deemed essential workers, if appropriate.
  • Ensure critical interstate resources, if coming from a restricted State, to be kept isolated from South Australian workers for an appropriate quarantine period (if required).
  • Ensure there are appropriate plans in place to protect the supply chain and delivery of materials, including identifying contingencies as required.
  • If an essential worker from interstate is from an identified risk area or known cluster, the worker must wear- a mask at all times and otherwise be kept isolated from other workers.

Whilst the responsibility and management of subcontractors and suppliers is with the Contractor, it is expected that these minimum requirements will also be imposed on your supply chain.

The approach to these measures must be detailed in a COVID19-Safe Plan that must be provided to the Department for noting.

Detailed records must be maintained to demonstrate conformance with the COVID19-Safe Plan.

The Department has existing audit rights in its construction contracts regarding compliance with WHS Laws. It is anticipated that the Department and SA Health will utilise these rights to ensure compliance by Contractors in relation to the management of COVID-19 on Site.

Please note that restrictions imposed by SA Health or directions given by authorised officers of Federal or State government authorities must be adhered to.

In consultation with SA Health, the Department will issue any additional reasonable directions, instructions, guidelines or procedures regarding the management of COVID-19 on Sites.