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Identified Hazards

Example of good delineation
of heavy vehicles and light
vehicles (PDF, 981 KB)

Examples of common hazards onsite

  • Site conditions unsafe - e.g. No defined flagged off areas for supplies or pedestrians on some worksites.
  • Site workers not wearing compliant PPE / Unsafe behaviour.
  • Non-compliant electrical tools.
  • Plant not delineated from other equipment and pedestrians. Good Initiative: Blue cone area for 'swing zones' and effective delineation between heavy and light vehicles.
  • Ensuring trucks on site have been subject to a pre start inspection each day and operators are wearing seat belts.
  • Site entrance signage - e.g. incorrect information regarding correct PPE to worn on specific worksite.
  • Site storage / untidy site setup - e.g. some containers with stored equipment very untidy.
  • Safe Work Method Statements - e.g. SWMS not followed or generic (not site/task specific).
  • Traffic Management - e.g. unclear traffic management setups/non-compliant PPE worn. Cranes and Lifting equipment failing - e.g. Compliant chains and slings to be used. Pre-check of chains and slings to be conducted before use.