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Torrens Rail Junction Project

The rail pedestrian crossing on War Memorial Drive (John E Brown Park) adjacent the Torrens Junction will remain closed until further notice.

The pedestrian crossings at North Adelaide Railway Station, and the subway towards the River Torrens both provide alternative crossing locations.

We acknowledge that these alternative crossing locations may cause some inconvenience, however the safety of pedestrians is paramount.


The Goodwood and Torrens Rail Junction Project is a nationally significant project implemented to increase productivity on the Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth rail line and reduce delays at level crossings within the metropolitan Adelaide road network. The project also improves Adelaide’s urban environment through the provision of upgraded cycling and pedestrian linkages.

The Goodwood Rail Junction and Adelaide Showgrounds station projects were completed in 2014.

On 6 May 2016, funding approval to undertake detailed planning, design and construction works to grade separate the freight and passenger rail lines at the Torrens Rail Junction was jointly announced by the Australian and South Australian governments.

The Torrens Rail Junction Project was completed in 2018.

The Mike Turtur Bikeway overpass is currently on hold.

Torrens Rail Junction Project

The Torrens Rail Junction is where the interstate freight railway meets the Outer Harbor passenger railway, located in the Park Lands between Port Road, Thebarton and War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide.  The rail junction posed a productivity constraint to the strategically important Adelaide to Melbourne rail freight line, with freight trains forced to give way to Outer Harbor passenger trains at the junction.

This project has grade separated the rail lines by lowering the Outer Harbor rail line below both the interstate rail line and the adjacent Inner Ring Route (Park Terrace).

A new lowered Bowden Railway Station has been built between Gibson Street and Park Terrace and new cycling and pedestrian infrastructure runs adjacent and across the rail line, for improved connectivity to Bowden Railway Station, Bowden Urban Village,  Adelaide Park Lands and surrounding areas.

To find out more please call the Department of Infrastructure and Transport Community Engagement Team on 1300 794 880 or e-mail