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Special Notices

Sunday 23 January 2022 @ 2.00 PM


Sealed Road Information

Due to recent weather events, please refer to Traffic SA ( for updates on sealed road closures or restrictions.

Beltana Access Road closure

Construction and sealing works will be undertaken on the Beltana Access Road from Saturday 22 January 2022, with completion anticipated by the end of March 2022. The road will be closed to general traffic, with a detour in place via the Old Beltana Road (northern access).  This detour will be accessible for light vehicles, including 2WD & 4WD, only.  Heavy Vehicles will need to travel through the work site by communicating with the work crew via UHF radio (Ch 40).  The southern access is also available to 4WD vehicles only.  Access for specific vehicles (i.e. school bus, transport deliveries) can be arranged with the road crew.  If no UHF available, please visit the site office located at the Beltana Racecourse, to arrange an escort  vehicle.

Please be aware that rain events may render the detour roads impassable for various periods of time.

Please contact SA Road Services on 0409 764 490 or  for any queries.

Public Access Routes

Public Access Routes (PARs) are established under the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 (PLMC Act) to provide public access over pastoral land without the need for travellers to ask permission from the lessee.  Any travel other than that on a public road or PAR requires prior approval from the lessee of the respective pastoral lease.

Pursuant to section 45 (7) of the PLMC Act, the Pastoral Board may temporarily close a PAR for the purposes of the safety of the public, the management of stock or the carrying out of rehabilitative work on the land adjacent to the route.

PARs are not roads or part of the formal road network.  They are unimproved and unsurfaced dirt tracks intended to provide four-wheel drive access in dry conditions only.  All PARs are currently OPEN unless listed below.  Drive to track conditions with caution.

Current Temporary PAR Closures

Level Post Bay PAR #2 - Closed for public safety until further notice

Summer closure from 1 December 2021 to 16 March 2022 applies to:-

Halligan Point PAR #13

K1 Warburton Crossing PAR #15

Walkers Crossing PAR #16

For further information, refer to


For latest information on South Australian Desert Parks please call the Desert Parks Hotline on (08) 8648 5328 or access the 'South Australian Desert Parks Bulletin' link  on