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Special Notices

Thursday 30 June 2022 @ 4.31 PM


Coober Pedy - Oodnadatta (Kempe Road) Reconstruction and Sealing works

Commencing in May 2022 works will be undertaken to reconstruct and seal 22km of of road towards Oodnadatta from the end of the existing bitumen near Coober Pedy.   Work is expected to completed late June 2022 (weather permitting). To facilitate these works, traffic management will be in place during work hours to the allow safe movement of traffic, however one lane will be closed where necessary. 

For further information about the above works, please contact SA Road Services Mr Patrick Dunn on 0460 416 127 or email:

Public Access Routes

Public Access Routes (PARs) are established under the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 (PLMC Act) to provide public access over pastoral land without the need for travellers to ask permission from the lessee. Any travel other than that on a public road or PAR requires prior approval from the lessee of the respective pastoral lease. 

Pursuant to section 45 (7) of the PLMC Act, the Pastoral Board may temporarily close a PAR for the purposes of the safety of the public, the management of stock or the carrying out of rehabilitative work on the land adjacent to the route.

PARs are not roads or part of the formal road network. They are unimproved and unsurfaced dirt tracks intended to provide four-wheel drive access in dry conditions only.  Conditions such as washouts and corrugations maybe present. Drive to track conditions with caution.  All PARs are currently OPEN unless listed below. 

Temporary PAR Closures Until Further Notice:

PAR Number 16 Walkers Crossing

Level Post Bay Public Access Route

K1 Warburton Crossing Public Access Route - Closed until further notice due to rising floodwaters

The Dalhousie air strip - Closed to Public

For further information, refer to


For latest information on South Australian Desert Parks please call the Desert Parks Hotline on (08) 8648 5328 or access the 'South Australian Desert Parks Bulletin link on