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Overview: About the Agency

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Our strategic focus

As at the period ending 30 June 2022, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (the Department) has diverse responsibilities for transport systems and services and infrastructure planning and provision within South Australia.

The Department ensures that South Australia’s needs for the movement of people and freight, and the delivery of services across the transport and infrastructure sectors are met in a safe, efficient, cost effective and sustainable manner.

Our Purpose

Deliver infrastructure and transport services that make a difference to the lives of South Australians, today and into the future.

Our Vision

A transport system that enables a liveable, prosperous, and sustainable future for South Australia.

Our Values

Collaboration, Honesty, Excellence, Enjoyment, Respect.

Our functions, objectives, and deliverables

Transport Planning and Program Development

Develops plans, programs, management frameworks, standards and data-driven analytics tools for transport network development and management that optimises performance and outcomes.  The division is focused on delivering:

  • Integrated strategies for transport networks and assets driven by objective and evidence-based analysis, linked to broader state economic and social objectives.
  • A high potential program and project pipeline of economically viable projects presenting government with clear investment options.
  • Controls and governance from project initiation to benefit realisation.
  • Contemporary standards and practices delivered through integrated partnerships with industry, fit for purpose for the whole asset lifecycle.

Transport Project Delivery

Designs, specifies, procures, delivers and integrates transport infrastructure safely and efficiently to sustain and support growth and maximise the benefit of government’s investments. The division is focused on delivering:

  • Fit for purpose transport infrastructure that is responsive, meets customer needs and generates economic and community orientated benefits and outcomes.
  • Best whole of lifecycle solutions developed and delivered collaboratively with colleagues, industry, and key stakeholders, through a motivated and skilled workforce.
  • Leading practice and innovation in safety, environmental management, sustainability, procurement, design, engineering, and delivery.
  • Effective governance and project controls.

North-South Corridor Program Delivery Office

Develops the plans and oversees the delivery of infrastructure needed to connect the North-South Corridor and enhance economic opportunity and liveability for the communities it serves.  The division is focused on delivering:

  • The capability and expertise to become community and government’s trusted deliverers.
  • An exceptional corridor journey that connects people and places through safe, smart, sustainable infrastructure.
  • Community cohesion and resilience through capturing opportunities to minimise and mitigate disruption impacts.
  • The Program objectives in partnership with industry, building value for the community and delivering outstanding   transport and economic benefits.

Road and Marine Services

Connects our communities by enabling safe, reliable and efficient movements and flows of goods, services and people across the State’s road and marine networks. The division is focused on delivering:

  • Safe and reliable road and marine infrastructure operated and maintained to maximise economic and community benefit.
  • Optimised networks, with data driven solutions, that optimise overall performance in movement of goods, services, and people.
  • Effective regulation of access and usage that assures safety and sustainability, with clear boundaries reflecting   reasonable expectations.
  • Forward‐thinking   policies, strategies and programs based on stakeholder engagement and   evidence that will enable safe, inclusive, productive, efficient, sustainable   transport.
  • Service delivery that meets customer needs and expectations.

Across Government Services

Provides building project planning, design and construction services, facilities management, and property related services to State Government clients. The division is focused on delivering:

  • A valued partnership that brings its expertise and works collaboratively with government agency clients to create and deliver solutions to meet defined requirements and produce enduring public value.
  • A consistent approach to managing industry and delivery partner performance to meet government requirements.
  • Efficient, evolving, and accountable service models that appropriately manage risk and assure delivery of target outcomes.
  • Value for money through efficient processes and tools assure safe and effective asset management throughout the asset lifecycle.

South Australia Public Transport Authority

The division delivers frequent, better-connected and customer focused services for mass transit and ensures services are delivered safely, efficiently, and sustainably. The division is focused on delivering:

  • More customer-focused public transport and better maintained state assets in partnership with our service providers.
  • Integrated end-to-end journeys with easier access, and information, payments and navigation enabled by new technologies.
  • A clear plan for growth that makes the case for investment in new public transport assets and transitions them into service   efficiently.
  • Better public transport networks that attract more customers.
  • Improved customer experience through simple, safe and easy-to-use public transport services to attract and retain customers.

People and Corporate Services

Provide systems and assurance processes for managing our people, our finances, our performance, and risk, ensuring we can work safely, efficiently, and productively. The division is focused on delivering:

  • A high-performance organisation that is enabled by well-designed systems, processes, and technology, with effective management frameworks that enable efficient   work practice.
  • Effective control frameworks that ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant legislative, regulatory and policy requirements.
  • Provision of valuable advice and user orientated services that support business partners enabling them to deliver.
  • An engaging work environment with a clear focus on safety, flexibility, productivity, and progressive practices.
  • A skilled, motivated, diverse workforce demonstrating our values in their actions.

Public Affairs

Listens, informs, communicates, and works with customers and stakeholders to guide our agency to deliver improved outcomes for our economy, our community, and our State.  The division is focused on delivering:

  • Social value by putting people at the centre of everything we do, ensuring we deliver better outcomes for customers, stakeholders and the community.
  • Trusted advice and services to government, supporting our business partners to ensure goals are achieved.
  • Accurate, transparent and timely communications, with a focus on building our social licence and enhancing the Department’s reputation.
  • A positive organisational culture that promotes the Department as a workplace of choice.

Our organisational structure

Reports directly to the Chief Executive are Executive Directors for:

  • Transport Planning and Program Development.
  • Transport Project Delivery.
  • North-South Corridor Program Delivery Office.
  • Road and Marine Services.
  • South Australian Public Transport Authority.
  • Across Government Services.
  • People and Corporate Services.
  • Public Affairs.

Picture of Organisational Structure for DIT

Changes to the agency

During 2021-2022 financial year there were no changes to the agency’s structure and objectives as a result of internal reviews or machinery of government changes.

Our Ministers

A picture of The Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP - Minister for Infrastructure and Transport 

The Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP is the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. Minister Koutsantonis oversees transport systems and services, and infrastructure planning and provision.

A picture of The Hon Geoff Brock MP - Minister for Regional Roads 

The Hon Geoff Brock MP is the Minister for Regional Roads. Minister Brock oversees infrastructure planning and provision for regional areas.

A picture of The Hon Joe Szakacs MP - Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services 

The Hon Joe Szakacs MP is the Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services.  Minister Szakacs oversees road safety initiatives to improve road user safety outcomes in South Australia.

Our Executive team

Jon Whelan is Chief Executive of the Department, the South Australian Rail Commissioner and Commissioner for Highways. Jon is accountable for the delivery of the Government’s requirements for the Department, setting strategy and policy, overseeing implementation of programs, projects, initiatives, and service delivery, and driving improved performance.

Judith Formston is the Deputy Chief Executive of the Department and Head of People and Corporate Services. Judith enables the Department and its people to fully comply with our obligations, do our work and deliver on our commitments by directing and managing the enterprise’s human resources, finances, and core business processes and systems (including information technology, statutory and legal, procurement, risk, and assurance).

Wayne Buckerfield is the Deputy Chief Executive of the Department and Executive Director, North-South Corridor Program Delivery Office. Wayne leads and directs the program of work to enable the delivery of the final stage of the North-South Corridor. Wayne is the Senior Responsible Officer accountable for finalisation of the business case, detailed project design, all supporting pre-construction works, and delivery of the program to its final approved design, budget, and schedule.

Andrew Excell is Executive Director, Transport Planning & Program Development.  Andrew is accountable for: development of policy settings, strategies, and technical standards for transport networks; modelling and analysis of transport network performance; strategic asset management; maintaining a prioritised portfolio and pipeline of potential network investments; directing the preparation of business cases and maintaining project assurance and reporting frameworks. In addition, Andrew provides oversight of Aboriginal engagement and inclusion initiatives.

Brian Roche is the Acting Executive Director, Transport Project Delivery. Brian leads and directs the delivery of a portfolio of capital investment programs for road, rail, marine and other transport infrastructure upgrades and new builds, and is the Senior Responsible Officer accountable for delivering these projects as specified, on time and within budget, identifying and implementing mitigation measures to manage any associated risks.

Emma Kokar is the Executive Director, Road and Marine Services. Emma ensures the safe, reliable and efficient movement and flow of goods, services and people across the State’s Roads and Marine networks by leading and directing the team that delivers all aspects of their maintenance, operation and regulation, and managing key partner relationships that play a role in these outcomes.

Scott White is the Executive Director, South Australian Public Transport Authority (SAPTA). Scott is responsible for the delivery of effective and efficient public transport services and exceptional customer service provision in mass public transit. SAPTA provides a customer-first public transport system that is affordable, safe and secure, frequent along the key corridors, clean and comfortable, easy to understand and use and friendly and inclusive.

Simon Morony is the Executive Director, Across Government Services. Simon is responsible for leading and directing the team that delivers building infrastructure programs, minor building project works, facilities management services, property leasing, other property related services and land acquisitions on behalf of State Government clients from health, education, justice, cultural and other departments, as well as for the Department.

Andrew Ockenden is the Executive Director, Public Affairs. Andrew is responsible for leading the team that provides strategic communication services to support the Department’s essential service and infrastructure delivery objectives. Andrew’s responsibilities include stakeholder engagement, media management, marketing, communications, as well as leading the Department’s interactions with Parliament, Cabinet and Ministerial portfolio offices.

Legislation administered by the agency

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and Management Act 2011

Adelaide Railway Station Development Act 1984

Aerodrome Fees Act 1998

Air Navigation Act 1937

Air Transport (Route Licensing—Passenger Services) Act 2002

Alice Springs to Darwin Railway Act 1997

AustralAsia Railway (Third Party Access) Act 1999

Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1962

Commissioner of Public Works Incorporation Act 1917

General Tramways Act 1884

Golden Grove (Indenture Ratification) Act 1984

Government House Precinct Land Dedication Act 2016

Harbors and Navigation Act 1993

Heavy Vehicle National Law (South Australia) Act 2013

Highways Act 1926

Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law (Application) Act 2013

Maritime Services (Access) Act 2000

Metropolitan Adelaide Road Widening Plan Act 1972

Mile End Underpass Act 2005

Mobil Lubricating Oil Refinery (Indenture) Act 1976

*Morphett Street Bridge Act 1964

Motor Vehicles Act 1959

National Soldiers Memorial Act 1949

Non-Metropolitan Railways (Transfer) Act 1997

North Haven (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1986

North Haven Development Act 1972

Oil Refinery (Hundred of Noarlunga) Indenture Act 1958

Passenger Transport Act 1994

Proof of Sunrise and Sunset Act 1923

Protection of Marine Waters (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Act 1987

Public Employees Housing Act 1987

Rail Commissioner Act 2009

Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012

Rail Transport Facilitation Fund Act 2001

Railways (Operations and Access) Act 1997

Railways (Transfer Agreement) Act 1975

Road Traffic Act 1961

South Australian Ports (Bulk Handling Facilities) Act 1996

South Australian Ports (Disposal of Maritime Assets) Act 2000

*Steamtown Peterborough (Vesting of Property) Act 1986

*Tarcoola to Alice Springs Railway Agreement Act 1974

Terrorism (Surface Transport Security) Act 2011

Victoria Square Act 2005

Waite Trust (Vesting of Land) Act 2020

West Lakes Development Act 1969

*Denotes Act of limited application