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Fosters Road (North East Road to Grand Junction Road)

Road Management Plan

On 29 September 2016 the Department released a draft Road Management Plan (RMP) for Fosters Road (North East Road to Grand Junction Road). The draft RMP considered how Fosters Road currently operates and how the needs of road users, local community and businesses are met.

During the consultation period DIT engaged with stakeholders and the local community to seek feedback on the draft RMP. The draft report was on public display from Friday 30 September 2016 to Wednesday 30 November 2016 and an information session was held on Monday 28 November 2016. This process enabled the community to be actively engaged in the decision making process and to assist in finalising details within the RMP for Fosters Road.

Following receipt of the feedback, DIT has now finalised the plan and reviewed recommendations where appropriate. A summary of this feedback has been included in the appendix of the report.

The updated RMP provides an overview of the existing traffic operational and safety issues along Fosters Road and provides recommendations for improvements on Fosters Road between Grand Junction Road and North East Road.

Any recommendations identified as a part of this RMP are currently unfunded. Funding for any improvements will need to be considered against other state wide priorities in future financial years.

This approach ensures that the funds available each year are allocated to the projects where the greatest benefit can be provided to the community as a whole.

To download a full copy of the final RMP report (PDF 10.2MB)

Draft Road Management Plan

If you require further information about the Road Management Plan for Fosters Road please call 1300 794 880 or email