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Cadastral surveying

Cadastral (boundary) surveying is a discipline of the surveying profession that is concerned with land management, and more specifically with issues of land ownership, measurement and delineation of property boundaries.

Cadastral surveys are usually performed for the re-establishment of existing property boundaries or for the creation of new property boundaries in the land division process. In South Australia, only licensed surveyors may undertake a boundary survey or place a survey mark that defines a property boundary.

The Surveyor-General is the statutory authority for land surveying and cadastral boundaries in South Australia and is responsible for issuing survey instructions, in the form of Regulations, directions and guidelines for licensed surveyors.  The Surveyor-General is also responsible for monitoring licensed surveyor's compliance with these survey instructions to ensure integrity of the State's cadastral boundaries that form the basis of land ownership.

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Geodetic surveying

Geodesy is the study of the earth and its movement over time.

Geodetic surveys are conducted with the highest degree of accuracy to provide widely spaced control points on the earth surface. Provision of such control points is based on the principle of surveying from the whole to the part and not from the part to the whole. Geodetic surveys require the use of sophisticated instruments, accurate methods of observations and their computation with accurate adjustment.

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