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Days and Times Where Access is Restricted

To ensure minimum impact to rail services during periods of peak demand, the following restrictions apply to access applications for planned work.

  • Planned work that has the potential to impact rail services is not permitted in the morning and afternoon peak services between the hours of 06:00 to 09:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 on business days.
  • Work is not generally permitted on special event days such as the Christmas Pageant and Royal Show. Urgent/emergency infrastructure work may be approved. Other work will be assessed accordingly based on the impact. The list of special events can be found on the Adelaide Metro website [].
  • When AFL football is played at Adelaide Oval no work is permitted three hours before or three hours after the game; but may be undertaken while the game is being played.
  • Restrictions also apply if Adelaide Oval hosts large concert events and any special event is subject to operational endorsement.

After Last Before First

Some work can only be undertaken when there are no trains running, this time is referred to After Last Before First (ALBF). The ALBF for each line is different and in the case of the Gawler Line, is different either side of the Dry Creek Rail Car Depot. The ALBF can also vary from the “Up” & “Down” tracks.

Below is a table showing the notional ALBF times. Please note that due to a number of both internal and external factors, these times can change with no notice.

To determine the ALBF timings at specific locations on the “Up” & “Down” Tracks you will need to liaise with the DIT rail network access team on 0417 873 050 or email



Last Train

First Train

Monday to Friday

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

Gawler Line

Adelaide to Dry Creek




Dry Creek to Gawler




Outer Harbor Line

Adelaide to Outer Harbor




Grange Line

Woodville to Grange




Seaford Line

Adelaide to Seaford




Tonsley Line

Woodlands Park to Tonsley



No Trains

Belair Line

Adelaide to Belair




The above times do not necessarily reflect the actual track access times. Dependant on the nature of the work i.e. need for isolation, time to erect and remove protection, track inspection requirements etc, actual track access and work times may be less than the above times.

Actual track access and working times will need to be determined in conjunction with the DIT rail network access team.

DIT network access team reserve the right to decline any access to our AMPRN.

Third parties must be aware that they can be refused entry or instructed to stop work and clear the rail network at the request of DIT with no liability back to DIT. For example: in the case of a rail emergency.