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Electrical Safety

The following railway lines are electrified with a 25kV AC overhead wire:

  • Seaford railway line
  • Belair railway line between Adelaide and Goodwood

The Glenelg tramline from Hindmarsh to Moseley Square Glenelg is electrified with a 600V DC overhead wire system and a 600V direct buried cable along the length of the tramline.

Warning: No DIT underground services are shown on Dial Before You Dig.

Special safety conditions apply when working in these areas.

These electrical safety requirements detail the conditions which must be met by an external party or contractor working on or near:

  1. Overhead Traction Wiring Equipment, in or about Adelaide Metropolitan Train or Tram Network.
  2. Electrical low voltage services within facilities and corridors controlled by DIT including signalling equipment.

A visual example of the mimimum approach distance