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The Department has a number of panel agreements in place for frequent low value purchases. The number of companies appointed to a open panel will depend on DIT's anticipated demand for the services / goods.

Before submitting an application, potential applicants must liaise with the Contact Person (nominated on the front of the Invitation Document) regarding the likely workload.

Warning: These panels have been developed solely for DIT's own use. The selection criteria may not be appropriate for use outside of DIT. Other organisations should not rely on a DIT panel as a means of shortlisting potential tenderers, which may unnecessarily restrict the number of tenderers.

Professional Services

Communication and Stakeholder Management - NOW SERVED BY AN ACROSS GOVERNMENT CONTRACT
Planning and Development *
Panel Companies Register
Programming and Scheduling
Panel Companies Register 

Vegetation Services *
Railway - Professional and Technical Services
Survey Services
Landscape & Urban Design Services *
Environmental Services *
Contamination Services

THESE CATEGORIES ARE NOW SERVED BY THE Professional and Technical Services Pre-Qualification

Goods and Services

Rust Rectification of Buses 
Panel Companies Register
Plant Hire - Metropolitan *
Panel Companies Register
Plant Hire - Remote Areas *
Panel Companies Register
Plant Hire - Rural Areas *
Panel Companies Register
Provision, Maintenance and Coordination of Survey Marks *
Panel Companies Register

* where a panel is marked by an asterisk(*), the anticipated future demand for these services is uncertain.  At its absolute discretion, The Department may decline to consider applications for these panels.