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The Department has a number of panel agreements in place for frequent low value purchases. The number of companies appointed to a open panel will depend on DIT's anticipated demand for the services / goods.

Before submitting an application, potential applicants must liaise with the Contact Person (nominated on the front of the Invitation Document) regarding the likely workload.

Warning: These panels have been developed solely for DIT's own use. The selection criteria may not be appropriate for use outside of DIT. Other organisations should not rely on a DIT panel as a means of shortlisting potential tenderers, which may unnecessarily restrict the number of tenderers.

Professional Services

Estimating and Cost Management Services  Invitation Panel Companies Register

Project and Contract Management

15C450 Project and Contract Management Panel Notice

Project and Contract Management Panel is EXPIRED.

Communication and Stakeholder Management - NOW SERVED BY AN ACROSS GOVERNMENT CONTRACT 
Planning and Development *  Panel Companies Register
Programming and Scheduling Panel Companies Register 

Vegetation Services *
Railway - Professional and Technical Services
Survey Services
Landscape & Urban Design Services *
Environmental Services *
Contamination Services

THESE CATEGORIES ARE NOW SERVED BY THE Professional and Technical Services Pre-Qualification

Goods and Services

Supply and Installation of Rail Fencing InvitationPanel Companies Register
Rust Rectification of Buses   Panel Companies Register
Supply & Installation of Safety Barrier *  Panel Companies Register
Plant Hire - Metropolitan *  Panel Companies Register
Plant Hire - Remote Areas *  Panel Companies Register
Plant Hire - Rural Areas *  Panel Companies Register
Provision, Maintenance and Coordination of Survey Marks *  Panel Companies Register

* where a panel is marked by an asterisk(*), the anticipated future demand for these services is uncertain.  At its absolute discretion, The Department may decline to consider applications for these panels.