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Information and Documents for Contractors


The Department has developed a number of prequalification systems to ensure that contractors who provide goods, services and construction to The Department have the appropriate capacity and capability. Prequalification for Infrastructure and Transport for further information.


The department has also implemented a number of panel contracts for frequent, low value purchases. Panel Contracts for further information.

DIT Contract and Tender Documents

General Information for Contracts

Information for Building Contracts

Information concerning non-residential building projects, including the future tender program for government projects, has now been moved to The Building Projects Future Tender Program.

Asset and Contract Documents
Includes information, forms and templates for document registration along with SAMIS CAD drawing templates.

Building Standard Drawings and Building Technical Guidelines can be accessed from the Building Project Information Management System (BPIMS). Information concerning BPIMS and advice on how to access the system is located BPIMS .

The SA Government Code of Practice for the Construction Industry applies to construction tenders called by DIT.  Code of Practice for the South Australian Construction Industry for a copy of the code.

DIT Technical Standards and Guidelines

Road, Rail & Marine

Access Road, Rail & Marine Standards and Guidelines
  • CAD Support Files
  • Environment
  • Marine Facilities
  • Major Structures
  • Road and Traffic Management (includes DIT Operational Instructions)
  • Roads
  • Survey
Asset Handover

Public Transport

Access Public Transport Technical Information

Materials Technology

Access Materials Technology
  • Calibration Procedures
  • Test Procedures
  • Technical Notes
  • Process Control

Industry Participation

Access Standard Industry Participation Plan

Please note: the Workforce Participation in Government Construction Policy requirements are now embedded in the IPP”.