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Works on Roads by Other Organisations

Works on Roads Undertaken by Other Organisations

1.     Roads Under Care and Control of the Commissioner of Highways
Arterial roads in South Australia are usually under the care and control of the Commissioner of Highways pursuant to the Highways Act 1926 (SA).

Road and Traffic Monitoring

for details of these roads.

If organisations other than DIT propose to work on these roads, the requirements specified on this page must be complied with.

Obtain Permission to Carry Out Roadworks

Before undertaking any work on an Arterial Road, The Department must be notified.

Roadworks Authentication

to obtain permission to work on DIT roads.

3.   Roadworks Construction Adjacent to Existing Arterial Roads Whenever a company or other organisation wishes to construct roadworks on or adjacent to an existing arterial road, a formal agreement or deed with the Commissioner must be signed. This most commonly occurs when constructing access to commercial developments such as shopping centres or installing utility services.  The deed will be drafted by the DIT legal unit.

4.  Specification for Work on Roads by Organisations Other Than the Commissioner of Highways
Where an organisation undertakes the excavation and reinstatement of an existing pavement on an arterial road (for example, to install or maintain a utility service) the work must comply with the DIT Specification for Work on Roads by Other Organisations.   This specification also includes requirements for other any work on roads that require temporary traffic control.

Specification  for Works on Roads

for the Specification for Work on Roads by Other Organisations or Companies.

5.   Reinstated Pavement Configuration

Whenever excavation takes place on an Arterial Road, the pavement must be reconstructed in accordance with the approved configuration.

Pavement Reinstatement  Configurations for the Pavement Reinstatement Configuration Diagrams.