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Safety Culture Assessment

The three documents below relate to the department's safety culture assessment and audit frameworks for construction contracts:

Minimum Construction Safety Expectations

Safety Culture Outcome Based Measures

Safety Culture Assessment Tool

DIT Policy

DIT expects all consultants, contractors, subcontractors and their employees involved in any DIT business to show the same commitment to health and safety that DIT  does.

Depending on the value and nature of the work under the contract, contractors are required to have appropriate Safety Systems, WHS Management Plans and / or Safe Work Method Statements in accordance with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA).

A contractor’s safety systems and plans must take into account the general public and visitors to the site (including The Department officers), as well the contractor’s own employees.

WHS management systems must be based on a recognised standard, such as AS4804. They are usually assessed when a company applies for prequalification, or if there is no applicable prequalification scheme, prior to the award of the contract.

Minimum Level Requirements

DIT Request for Tender documents will stipulate the minimum level requirements for the management of WHS. For road infrastructure contracts, a contractor will usually be required to prepare and implement the following:

Category 1 contracts (eg major roadworks construction)

  • WHS Management System
  • WHS Management Plan
  • Safe Work Method Statements 

Category 2 contracts (eg minor works on, or immediately alongside, a trafficked road with a value > $250,000)

  • WHS Management Plan
  • Safe Work Method Statements

Category 3 contracts (eg minor works with a value <$250,000)

  • Safe Work Method Statements 

For rail infrastructure contracts, a contractor must comply with the requirements of the Rail Safety Act 2007 (SA).