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DIT Conditions of Contract

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These contracts are to be used for all DIT civil, buildings and maintenance projects:

AS2124-1992 Special ConditionsConstruct Only (Buildings projects only)

GC21 Contract Information

Design and Construct, and Construct Only

AS4122-2010 Special Conditions
Professional Services
Professional Services (Buildings projects only)
Minor Construction and ServicesLow risk works, or minor services related to infrastructure.
Infrastructure Maintenance ServicesMedium to high risk services for the ongoing maintenance of infrastructure.
Project Alliance Agreement

Alliance Development Agreement

Alliance Contracting
Construction Goods & Services template with DIT Special ConditionsContains Special Conditions relating to Professional Services/Consultancy. and Plan/Equipment


Standard Goods and Services Agreement This is the State Procurement Board Standard Goods and Services Agreement incorporating DIT Special Conditions, for all low risk goods & services. Optional special conditions are included for Professional Services, Installation of Goods and Supply of Plant.

GCC Plant Hire is used for the hire of construction / maintenance plant.


Panel agreement templates:

Panel Agreement - Minor Construction and Services

Panel Agreement - Plant Hire