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Chief Executive’s message

We are pleased to present the first Disability Access and Inclusion Plan for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (the Department, DIT).

The South Australian Government’s first State Disability Inclusion Plan (2019-2023) created a timely opportunity for the Department to review our current practices and consider how we can contribute to an inclusive and accessible community for all. We have done this with due consideration to the significant scope and diversity of what we do and the potential impacts and benefits for the communities we serve.

DIT is responsible for a wide-ranging complex set of activities within government, enabling other agencies to deliver outcomes as well as delivering on our own commitments. We deliver infrastructure that is critical to economic and social functions. The services we deliver to other government agencies can significantly impact opportunities for inclusion and participation in social, economic and civic life. Transport infrastructure and services are particularly important in connecting people with the various threads of their daily life. This means our Department is well positioned to progressively deliver improved disability access and inclusion outcomes for the community of South Australia across all of our core functions and activities.

As a keystone South Australian employer, the public sector plays an important role in leading reforms that make our employment processes and workplaces more inclusive and accessible to people living with disability. In this Plan we also make concrete commitments to measures intended to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment where all employees are valued and respected.

This Plan charts the course for the next stage of the Department’s journey of reform in this area. It builds on the momentum of our recent progress and focuses on the pursuit of the broader goals for our State. It sets out the next steps we will take to shape our infrastructure, the services we deliver and our workplaces, to be more inclusive and accessible for all.

Tony Braxton-Smith
Chief Executive

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