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The Department

Our purpose

The Department works as part of the community to deliver safe and efficient transport solutions and valuable social and economic state infrastructure that will improve the lives of all South Australians every day.

What we do

The Department is comprised of eight Divisions that contribute to delivering on our purpose.

Transport Planning and Program Development establishes the strategic plans, standards and program management frameworks for transport network development that are designed to deliver customer, community and economic benefits and outcomes.

Transport Project Delivery delivers infrastructure safely and efficiently to sustain and support growth, and maximise the benefit of Government investments in transport assets.

North‐South Corridor Program Delivery Office develops the plans and oversees the delivery of infrastructure needed to connect the North-South Corridor and enhance the economic opportunity and livability for the communities it serves.

Road and Marine Services connect our communities by providing safe, reliable and efficient movements and flows of goods, services and people across the State’s Roads and Marine networks.

South Australian Public Transport Authority offers safe well-connected and customer-focused services for mass transit movement.

Across Government Services provides building construction delivery and property related services to State Government clients.

People and Corporate Services delivers internal services that enable the Department and its people to fully comply with our obligations, do our work and deliver on our commitments by managing the enterprise’s human resources, finances, core business processes and systems.

Public Affairs keep our customers and the community well informed at all times, through community consultation and engagement, stakeholder relations, customer engagement, media management and public communications.

Strategic objectives

The Department’s strategic objectives focus on outcomes that support the vision and purpose of the organisation and commit to delivering the social and economic benefits of a more accessible and inclusive South Australia.

They are:

  • Growth and job creation
  • Enhanced liveability and connectivity between people and places, business and markets
  • Community-focussed and customer-focussed services
  • Maximised use and return on infrastructure
  • Optimised, safe and effective operations and workforce.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

DIT is cultivating a culture of acceptance where the value of diversity is acknowledged by a workforce that is reflective of the wider South Australian community.

With leadership and staff commitment we will adopt an inclusive and equitable approach to plan and drive our programs from all staff levels.

We will work together, with honesty, respect and enjoyment to grow in excellence.

Our Priorities:

  • Reflect the diverse communities that we serve
  • Build diversity and inclusion capability and knowledge
  • Be accountable for diversity and inclusion.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Program is focussed on six diversity areas including age, culture and language, disability, domestic and family violence, LGBTIQ+ (rainbow allies) and gender.

We value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians and are committed to creating a culturally competent and respectful workforce that advocates for mutually respectful relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

The Disability Access and Inclusion Team

The Disability Access and Inclusion Team sits within the Department’s Transport Planning and Program Development Division. The team works to ensure that access and inclusion are considered in all areas of Departmental service delivery. The team works closely with project teams, asset managers and other technical disciplines to ensure that our buildings, assets, public transport services and infrastructure are accessible and meet required standards.

The Disability Access & Inclusion Team provides guidance and advice to internal and external stakeholders relevant to the:

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992, and its subordinate instruments:
    • Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport, 2002
    • Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards, 2010
  • Disability Inclusion Act 2018, and the State Disability Inclusion Plan and this Departmental Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

Core functions of the Disability Access & Inclusion Team include:

  • Providing technical and expert advice relevant to maintenance or adaptations to existing infrastructure.
  • Providing timely guidance and technical advice to project managers and teams responsible for new infrastructure and major projects, including to ensure that contractors and contract managers are aware of legislative and planning requirements.
  • Assisting business units across the Department to understand their obligations regarding, and the importance of accessibility and inclusion, in terms of outcomes for the community and Departmental employees.

Administration and facilitation of the Department’s Disability Access & Inclusion Committee (DAIC). The DAIC is a consultative committee through which the Department consults with community representatives and receives guidance and advice on access and inclusion matters related to Departmental business.

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