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Monitoring and evaluation

Progress and accountability

The Department will monitor progress and outcomes against each of the Actions and Targets in the DAIP Action Plan. Divisional Implementation Plans have been developed in collaboration with relevant Divisions that set out these arrangements.

Reporting on the overall implementation of the DAIP will be to the People and Culture Executive Committee, which will have the capability to address internal barriers to implementation of particular objectives where they arise, by providing direction and/or resources across the agency as required.

In accordance with the Disability Inclusion Act 2018, an Annual Report on the operation of the DAIP over the previous financial year will be provided to the Chief Executive, Department of Human Services (DHS), by 31 October each year from 2021.


This Plan will be reviewed in 2022, and a new DAIP published with consideration to:

  • Learnings arising from the implementation of the DAIP Action Plan, and ongoing consultation and collaboration with internal stakeholders.
  • Learnings arising from community feedback, and complaints and comments related to disability access and inclusion, including ongoing consultation, guidance and advice from the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee.
  • New priority focus areas and/or stretch goals in areas where the Department has been substantially successful in achieving existing targets.
  • Renewed alignment with any relevant changes to the Department’s strategic plan and priorities, changes to the model of service delivery and/or contractual arrangements across our core business functions, and related State and Commonwealth Government strategies.

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