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Our customers and staff

Our customers

Across all Divisions of the Department and elements of our core business, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport serves the entire community of South Australia in a variety of ways.

Our customers are the people, businesses and communities that rely on the services and products provided directly by DIT or in partnership with others, as set out in our purpose’ and ‘what we do’ above.

Many South Australians and visitors to our State rely on the services delivered by the Department on a daily basis. This includes infrastructure delivery, road maintenance, public transport, public buildings and government facilities management, and recreation facilities.

Our customers include pedestrians, motorcyclists, public transport passengers, motorists, cyclists, recreational boaters, commercial vehicle operators, importers, exporters, government departments and industry.

Customer & community feedback

The Department receives customer and community feedback, including complaints and suggestions relevant to all areas of service provision, through various channels including our websites, phone calls, emails, social media and feedback at public events.

You can make a complaint if you are dissatisfied with our products or services, the way we have provided a product or service or if we have not provided a product or service to you as expected.

You can also provide us with feedback if you think we are doing a good job.

There are a number of ways you can lodge a complaint or other feedback with us:

Where feedback pertains to matters of accessibility and inclusion, this is noted and will inform the Department in reform and improvements to our service delivery, in addition to endeavouring to resolve the particular matter in a reasonable timeframe.

The Department will also treat the information you provide us sensitively in adherence to Premier and Cabinet Circular 12 – Information Privacy Principles (IPPS) Instruction.

Public Transport Requests, Suggestions and Complaints

The past four full financial years have seen an average of 171 contacts (complaints, requests and suggestions) relevant to the accessibility of public transport per year. Of these contacts, an average of 149 complaints were received by the Department each financial year. Complaints are categorised into areas such as public transport accessibility, driver behaviour, train, tram and bus accessibility and taxi access.

Complaints decreased in total by 43% between 2015/16 (n=177) and 2018/19 (n=124).

A bar/line chart showing access related complaints and feedback received by DIT Customer Feedback Line from 2015 through to 2020 showing a decline in complaints (177 in 2015/16 down to 63 in 2019/20)

A chart showing complaints by transport mode from 2015 to 2020 showing a decline in complaints across all transport modes (from a total of 167 in 2015 to a total of 47 in 2020)

Staff profile

The Department has undertaken initiatives to improve workplace supports for people with disability and increase the number of people with disability in the workforce.

In 2019, 2% of the Department’s workforce was made up of people who declared a disability. Note that declaration is voluntary and this statistic does not necessarily reflect the total number of employees living with disability.

The percentage of employees with a declared disability employed in the South Australian Public Sector as at 30 June 2019 was 1.3%.

A chart showing the percentage of the workforce (DIT employees) with a declared disability from 2004 to 2020 showing an increase from 1.3% in 2012/13 to 2% in 2019/2020. Compared with 1% of the SA Workforce with a declared disability (employed) ABS 2016, and 2.3% of the SA Workforce with a declared disability (looking for work) * ABS 2016.

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