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Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA)

The Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements are an integral part of the South Australian Government’s commitment to the maintenance, management and improvement of government building assets that underpin essential community services.

The arrangements enable the Government to identify the range of work that needs to be done, negotiate a fair price, manage risk, appropriately maintain public records and ensure that the work is completed to the required standards.

Independent reviews and assessments of the arrangements since their inception have supported that they are effective in achieving the key objectives of delivering quality, managing risk, and minimising costs for the whole of Government.

The Government has entered into a new FM arrangement (Facilities Management Services for Metropolitan Adelaide Region C & N and Facilities Management Services Framework Region S & Regional South Australia) under which full services commenced on 1 July 2015 and have the potential to continue until 30 June 2024. Under the new arrangement the FM Service Providers will provide agencies with a range of effective and cost efficient FM services.

Cabinet’s approval to enter into the new FM arrangements included the determination that all agencies participating as at 30 June 2015 are bound by the new arrangements.


Administrator's Instruction - Immunisation Requirements for Workers - October 2021

Site Entry Form - COVID-19 - 2 February 2021

This document provides the minimum standard set of protocols (updated as at 24/09/2020) for site entry that must be followed whenever a sub-contractor or FM Service Provider representative enters a SA Government site to perform or observe works.

Site Access COVID-19 Guide Note - 2 February 2021

Letter to Valued Deliver Partners - 30th March 20

Letter from Tony Braxton-Smith, Chief Executive, Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) recognising the challenges that COVID-19 may present for DIT’s valued delivery partners in the delivery of projects and programs that The Department and Industry are working on together.

SA Health - Infrastructure Management of Public Health Significance during COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Important message regarding management of infrastructure of public health significance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bulletin 10 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 28 July 2021

Bulletin 9 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 20 July 2021

Bulletin 8 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 14 December 2020

Bulletin 7 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 20 November 2020

Bulletin 6 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 18 November 2020

Bulletin 5 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 24 September 20

Bulletin 4 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 25 June 20

Bulletin 3 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 06 Apr 20

Bulletin 2 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 26 Mar 20

Bulletin 1 - AGFMA - COVID-19 - FMGG Advice - 20 Mar 20

Update to Facilities Management Governance Group (FMGG) Members and Agency Representatives on the COVID-19 Pandemic, as it relates to the Facilities Management (FM) Services.

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 8 - 24 November 2020

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 7 - 19 November 2020

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 6 - 10 June 20

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 5 - 6 May 20

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 4 - 22 April 20

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 3 - 9 April 20

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 2 - 2 April 20

AGFMA FM Services Dashboard - COVID 19 - Status Update 1 - 25 March 20

This Dashboard reflects the status level of four main functions that are involved in the delivery of FM Services; AGFMA IT Systems, AGFMA System Administration, AGFMA Hotline and FM Service Delivery (Split between metro, regional and isolated / remote regions).

AG Coombs Advisory Note HVAC and COVID-19

COVID – 19 FM Industry related publications. Publications in this section are the views of the author and not those of the AGFMA – AGFMA recommend you discuss any technical matters related to changes to your Preventative Maintenance regime with your Facilities Management Services Provider (FMSP).

Key documents

Future AGFMA

AGFMA Work Health and Safety Framework (WHS Framework) [PDF]

The AGFMA WHS Framework provides high level guidance to Key Participants (Participating Agencies, the Facilities Management Service Provider, Subcontractors and the Contractor Administrator) of the AGFMA to develop and implement Work Health and Safety Management Systems in line with relevant safety standards and legislation and to provide clarity on the role/s and responsibilities of Key Participants in ensuring the safe delivery of the AGFMA. Put simply, it details the critical steps, actions, and responsibilities Key Participants should be taking to fulfil their legislative safety obligations in relation to the AGFMA.

Please note implementation and compliance with the WHS Framework is required by commencement of the Future AGFMA on 1 December 2021.

To support implementation of the WHS Framework, the following documents provide guidance on minimum WHS expectations and best practice initiatives:

Existing AGFMA

Facilities Management Brochure (2015-2024) [PDF]

This document provides an overview of the FM Services Arrangements, services provided, benefits of participation and roles and responsibilities of the parties within a contract based on collaboration.

AGFMA – Facilities Management Services Arrangements - Agency Work Procedure Manual [PDF]

The Agency Work Procedure Manual details the operational and safety guidance to all participants of the AGFMA for Facilities Management Services Arrangements.  It includes details on roles and responsibilities, safety, process maps, tables, diagrams, links to key documents and training in FAMIS.

Facilities Management Services Arrangements - Service Level Guidelines [PDF]

This Service Level Guideline (SLG) presents information about the services to be provided to participating agencies and clarifies the roles of the agencies and their representatives, The Department and its representatives, the FM Governance Group and the FM Service Providers in providing quality facilities management services to all the participating agencies' sites.

From  March 2021 the SLG will be phased out and replaced by the MoAA.

Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement

The Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement (MoAA) is between the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and participating Agencies. The purpose of the MoAA is to establish an agreement with an Agency Chief Executive (or Delegate) that at a strategic level clearly articulate roles and responsibilities of Parties for the effective and efficient delivery of AGFMA, outline the obligation of Parties with respect to ensuring safe work practices. A variation to the MoAA will be coordinated in late 2021, following the implementation of Future AGFMA.

Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF) [PDF]

The SAMF is intended to be a key guidance tool for Participating Agencies of the AGFMA with responsibility for managing SA Government owned sites, facilities and building assets. Participating Agencies are encouraged to use the SAMF to continuously improve their approach to asset management and to take a ‘whole-of-life’ approach to the ownership of assets under their care and control. The recommended approach includes the development of agency focused Strategic Asset Management Plans and Asset Management Plans, consistent with the international standard for asset management, ISO 55000.

SAMIS Asset Data Standard [PDF]

The Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS) is South Australia’s across government Asset Management Information System (AMIS) for its building portfolio. This document provides the standard for data that is to be populated into SAMIS.

If you require a copy of any of the following documents that are to be read in conjunction with the SAMIS Asset Data Standard:

  • SAMIS Site and Building Drawing Specification
  • SAMIS Template - Site Plan - DWG Format
  • SAMIS Template - Building Plan - DWG Format
  • SAMIS Template - Building Plan EDUC - Interim - DWG Format

Please email

Future AGFMA Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet - Service Delivery Plan Continuation for 2021-22 [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information regarding the Service Delivery Planning and Budget (SDP&B) continuation from 1 December 2021 for the remainder of the 2021-22 service delivery year.

Fact Sheet - ICT Security and Solution Evaluation [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information regarding the Service Delivery Planning and Budget (SDP&B) continuation from 1 December 2021 for the remainder of the 2021-22 service delivery year.

Fact Sheet – Soft Facilities Management & Building Maintenance works provided under the Future AGMFA [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information for Participating Agencies, the Future AGFMA Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP) and Sub-Contractors regarding Soft Facilities Management (FM) and Building Maintenance works under the Future AGFMA.

Fact Sheet – Agency Participation [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information regarding Agency Participation in the Future AGFMA.

Fact Sheet – Data Validation [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information regarding the Data Validation process Ventia (as the government appointed Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP)) is undertaking from late 2021.

Fact Sheet – Inflight Works [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information regarding the Data Validation process Ventia (as the government appointed Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP)) is undertaking from late 2021.

Fact Sheet – Services Scope – Sites and Assets [PDF]

This Fact Sheet provides information regarding sites and assets that are serviceable under the Future AGFMA.

Guide Notes

Guide Note – AGFMA – Asset Risk and Condition Reporting Initiative [PDF]

Guide Note – Agency Works Procedure Manual – Summary of Improvements [PDF]

This Guide Note advises users on the key changes to the Agency Work Procedure Manual (AWPM) following a review and implementation of improvements to the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements.

Minimum Property Dataset and Premier and Cabinet Circular 114 [PDF]

This guide explains the source of data for agencies to meet the minimum dataset contained in PCC114 and outlines who is responsible for maintaining this data.

Technical Note – AGFMA – Cooling Tower Systems Roles and Responsibilities Matrix [PDF]

This document explains the roles and responsibilities for Cooling Tower Systems. It applies to all stakeholders under the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements for the tasks associated with the administration and management of Cooling Tower Systems

Guide Note – AGFMA – Contract Leakage [PDF]

This guide is an advisory note on contract leakage risks and documents the process for managing contract leakage under the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements.

Guide Note – AGFMA – Asset Preventative Maintenance Hierarchy [PDF]

This guide provides a visual representation for stakeholders to understand the Regulatory and Recommended in the planning for Preventative Maintenance.

Guide Note – Technical Data Schedules [PDF]

This guide provides high level information relating to the application and roles & responsibilities for the use of Technical Data Schedules (TDS), which are published by the AGFMA Directorate of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Guide Note - AGFMA - Works & Project Pre Planning and Cost Estimation [PDF]

This guide note assists with planning and cost estimation under the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA).

Guide Note - AGFMA - Annual Inspection, Testing and Audit Plan [PDF]

The purpose of this note is to provide guidance to the FM Provider and the Agency in regard to preparing the Annual Inspection, Testing and Audit Plan (Annual Plan), in particular in determining which Designated Locations and Nominated Assets are subject to a physical inspection as an input into the Annual Plan.

Guide Note - AGFMA - in Scope / Out of Scope Building Maintenance [PDF]

The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance on what plant and equipment items should be maintained and/or repaired through the Facilities Management (FM) Services Arrangements - more commonly referred to the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA).

Guide Note - AGFMA - Issue Resolution

This Guide sets out the suggested process for Agencies, the Facility Management Service Provider and the AGFMA Section (as Administrators of the arrangement) should an issue arise, ranging from local concerns to larger matters.

Guide Note - AGFMA - Notification of Decommissioned, Demolished or Disposed Assets

The guide documents the improved process of sharing the schedule of decommissioned, demolished or disposed plant and equipment / building fabric with the FMSP as part of commencement of any capital works project performed by DIT - Infrastructure Delivery.

Technical Notes

Technical Note - AGFMA - Update on Key Legislation - Preventative Maintenance

This technical note provides interpretation of implementation of the key legislation and how the new legislation is being applied to Preventative Maintenance during the phased implementation of the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and the conversion of Ministerial Building Specifications to Ministerial Building Standards.

Technical Note - AGFMA - Spotless WHS to SAMIS equipment interface

This technical note provides advice to SAMIS users on whether an asset data is provided from the Spotless to WMS into SAMIS.

Technical Note - AGFMA - Cool Room - Light Switch vs Light Sensor

This technical note provides advice on whether a Cool Room should have a Light Switch or Light Senor installed and refers to the National Construction Code and potential operational risks.

Building Compliance

A number of Technical Notes have been developed to assist with managing compliance obligations for building assets including:

Technical Note - AGFMA - Building Compliance - Managing Building Compliance - Overview

Technical Note - AGFMA - Building Compliance - WHS and General Safety

Technical Note - AGFMA - Building Compliance - Public and Environmental Health

Asset Management

Technical Note - AGFMA - Building Compliance - Differences between Asset Management, Property Management and Facilities Management

This technical note provides a brief overview of the differences between the three disciplines and the role each play in managing building assets.

Terms of Reference

FMGG - Terms of Reference [PDF]

This document describes the terms of reference for the Facilities Management Governance Group (FMGG) who provide ongoing coordination and oversight of services and outcomes of the AGFMA. The FM Governance Group will be chaired by a Senior Executive of The Department and all agencies participating in the AGFMA are to be represented.

SAMF - Terms of Reference

The Strategic Asset Management Working Group is an across government group established to provide a forum to enable agencies to share knowledge, experience and resources to assist in promoting and developing a consistent approach to asset management across government primarily for building and property assets.  The terms of reference were adopted in September 2017.

AGFMA Information Systems

The AGFMA asset management information systems are the IT systems that support the flow of job requests, job data and capture information that help you in managing your assets.

Although many IT systems exist, this section focuses on two client facing systems:

Click here for more detailed information and training material on our information systems

Client Services

The AGFMA section offers a range of services to support your asset management needs.

The agency client services section addresses topics such as:

  • Which support services your Contract Managers provide;
  • Information on the AGFMA Hotline and how they can assist you with raising job requests; and
  • What quality assurance processes are in place to check service delivery compliance.

In this section you can review the technical services that determine how plant, equipment and building fabric should be maintained for your site.

AGFMA Asset Management Advisory services available are detailed on the Service Catalogue.


With communication being paramount in any organisation, the AGFMA section is committed to providing our client agencies with the most up-to-date and relevant information. Typical topics found in our newsletters include industry updates, recently completed FM projects, changes to preventative maintenance best practice, innovation, system enhancements, and team news.

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Online Forms

Our clients most used forms are listed here.

This section is to assist our clients in accessing commonly used forms. Whether you need access to our SAMIS, FAMIS and Cognos systems or advise us of Designated Location changes you will find the request forms here. You can also find our training request forms and the AGFMA Hotline job request form too.

Contact Us

Our contact us page provides you with useful contact details including our Business System Service Desk (8am - 5pm) and AGFMA section employees. Attached to this link is our functional structure chart and includes a summary of the roles and responsibilities of team members.

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