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Work Health and Safety

All Participants of the AGFMA, as concurrent duty holders, have a role in ensuring compliance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) statutory requirements, codes of practice, standards and policies. These include, but are not limited to:

The AGFMA Work Health and Safety Framework

The AGFMA WHS Framework and supporting Guide Notes provide high level guidance to Key Participants  of the AGFMA to develop and implement Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS) in line with relevant safety standards and legislation.

The AGMFA WHS suite of documents also describe role/s and responsibilities of Key Participants with the aim of ensuring safe delivery of the AGFMA, including detailing the critical steps and actions which should be undertaken by each of the Key Participants in fulfilling their legislative safety obligations in relation to the AGFMA.

Ventia, as a Key Participant of the AGFMA, holds responsibility for developing, publishing and maintaining WHS related documentation to support delivery of activities such as site inductions for its sub-contractors, safety related audits and reviews, etc. For more WHS information and/or requirements outlined by Ventia, contact


All users of the AGFMA are encouraged to stay up to date with health information and updates about COVID-19 as provided by SA Health.

Agency specific COVID-19 Immunisation Requirements are coordinated by Ventia.

Asbestos and Other Hazardous Materials

The Department operates an Asbestos Advisory Team which are part of DIT’s Building Projects Section. The Team provides across-government advice on managing issues with asbestos containing material (ACM) in accordance with State and Federal strategies and regulations. This includes advice on the following asbestos management issues:

  • Site inspections and recommendations
  • Asbestos removals
  • Emergency asbestos incident management
  • Risk assessments
  • Asbestos education

The Asbestos Advisory Team administer the annual Asbestos Removal Fund (ARF), which assists in reducing or removing asbestos and ACM in government buildings.

Additional information on Asbestos Management can be found here - Asbestos Management Fact Sheet.

For more information on the Asbestos Advisory Team, including contact details, key documents and guidelines.