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The Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA), are an integral part of the South Australian Government’s commitment to the maintenance, management and improvement of government building assets that underpin essential community services.

A number of agencies have and continue to provide valuable feedback to help inform the fit for purpose development of the Future AGFMA.

We appreciate the critical role agency site representatives play in the management of works for individual site(s), and have gained valuable insight from the recent Site Representative survey responses, and wherever possible, this feedback will be considered as part of the Future AGFMA procurement process and model.

To see the report detailing the responses we received in November 2020, see the Agency Site Representative Survey Responses Report (PDF, 1167 KB).

To allow further engagement from all agencies, a second release of the survey was launched in March 2021.

To see the report detailing the consolidated response we received , see the Future AGFMA Site Representative Survey Consolidated Responses Report (PDF, 1399 KB).

The Future AGFMA will continue to be guided by a multi-agency steering committee with executives from a number of key client agencies, and communications will continue through various avenues including agency representatives throughout the transition.

Agency Representatives are encouraged to subscribe for updates, as more information about the transition becomes available over the coming months.

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