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The Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) is the mechanism by which the South Australian Government (the Government) ensures over 5,000 government owned facilities around the State are properly maintained so that they remain safe and fit for purpose for the delivery of the essential community services they support. This includes schools, hospitals, prisons, police stations and most other government buildings.

It is important that all sites that fall under the management and oversight of the arrangements are fit for purpose, safe and that the assets are maintained to the highest reliability. The benefits of moving toward the future operating model (Future AGFMA) include the ability to improve the efficiency and safety of systems and sites, improve consistency of delivery and asset management across the state to better apply value for money and productivity and meet the expectations of the community.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Future AGFMA please ask a question.

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Previous Updates to Future AGFMA Website Subscribers

Update #1 – Advice on Contract Execution – 7 July 2021 (pdf)

Update #2 – Future AGFMA Update – 28 July 2021 (pdf)

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